Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stomach problems? Try Homeopathy

Antacids are posing dangers to older people. So says a group of NHS doctors, apparently. Well homeopathy is more effective, and poses no dangers. It is also much cheaper. Every family should have Nux Vomica in the home, and use it whenever someone has indigestion, or stomach upset.

This story was published in the New York Times, and Natural News. Strange, is it not, that it is not being reported in the UK. We are just not supposed to know about it!

Antacids are linked to an increased risk of gastro-inestinal infections. On category, proton pump inhibitors, increase the risk of pneumonia! The New York Times says:

"Several studies also have shown an increased risk of bone fractures from osteoporosis in patients taking PPIs, though the result aren't consistent. Possible the change in stomach acidity reduces the body's ability to absorb calcium".
New York Times, 11th August 2010

Why take any risk? Move to homeopathy, and have some Nux Vomica handy.