Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Homeopathy and Insomnia

Given my recent blog which looked at the dangers of ConMed sleeping pills ('Sleeping pills increase chances of dying by 40%'), this feature from Natural News looks at the homeopathic treatment of insomnia and sleeplessness - a much safer, and more effective therapy.

However, this is just too simplistic really. Homeopathy sometimes is not that easy! There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies that deal with insomnia and sleeplessness, all with a particular symptom pictures. The reason for this is that there are many causes of insomnia, and matching the individual with a remedy can be quite a difficult task.

One good general remedy used by homeopathy, but not mentioned in this feature, is Passiflora. It deals with restless and wakeful sleep, often caused by worry, exhaustion and overwork. It is often the remedy to use with quite feeble infants, or older people.

The importance of matching patient symptoms with remedy symptoms is central in homeopathy, and as insomnia can become a serious ailment, if 'first aid' use of remedies does not work, a consultation with a homeopathy is always advisable.

For more information about the treatment of Insomnia, and the benefits of Homeopathy treatment over Conventional, drug-based medicine, click on this link.