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Friday 17 September 2010

Tamoxifen. Another cause of breast cancer?

When doctors stopped prescribing HRT several years ago, the incidence of breast cancer fell! 

ConMed drugs are now seriously implicated in the epidemic levels of this awful disease.

* There is evidence that antibiotics many cause breast cancer.
* Tamoxifen, a drug prescribed for breast cancer, was found in 2009 to cause of a highly virulent form of breast cancer.
* Mammography, a test for diagnosing breast cancer, is also known to cause breast cancer.

And now, a new test - BSGI (Breast Specific Gamma Imagining) - has been introduced. Is it safer than a mammogram? Of course not! This nuclear based treatment is probably even worse! This is how it has been described.

"... one single BSGI ..... carries a lifetime risk of inducing fatal cancer that is far greater than the cancer risk associated with having annual screening mammograms starting at age 40".

Women are particularly at risk from ConMed treatment, not just from their drugs, but also from their 'diagnostic testing' techniques. One question that needs to be asked is - why are so many 'new' treatments even more dangerous than 'old' treatments? 

Another is why do drugs and tests designed to prevent or to treat a disease actually cause the disease?

Perhaps the only solution for patients is to say 'No' firmly to Conventional Medical treatment, and look for medical therapies that are safer.