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Friday 24 September 2010

Avandia is banned

At last, Avandia has been banned in Europe. This drug has demonstrated everything that is wrong with conventional medicine. It was introduced in 1999 and hailed as a major advance in the treatment of diabetes. It has been an enormously successful drug - financially. But disastrous for many patients who were eagerly persuaded to take it.

The drug never cured anyone with diabetes. It was never intended to do so. Like most pharmaceutical drugs it merely suppressed the symptoms, whilst ignoring the underlying causes of the disease.

It is unknown how many people it has killed, but it was found to increase the chance of heart attack by 43%. Few would have known about the dangers of the drug, because they would not have been told. It is now known that the FDA knew about the dangers since 2003 - 7 years ago. And they have still not banned it in the USA.

The European Medicines Agency has now banned the drug in Europe, about 11 years too late for many patients! It is the usual story. A drug, that progressed through all its 'scientific' testing, and was announced to be safe and effective by the conventional medical establishment. 

This is the 'evidence base', the science, upon which all pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to be based. It is a lie, a charade, a profit-driven deception on patients, to which the drug companies, the government, the NHS, and all those who prescribe the drug, are party.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last drug to be banned. Pharmaceutical drugs that are being prescribed by our doctors today will come to the same predictable, almost inevitable end.

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