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Monday 20 September 2010

Dementia. Is it caused by Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Is dementia caused by conventional drugs? Certainly the circumstantial evidence would suggest a connection - dementia has increased largely in line with the increase in ConMed drug consumption.

When I first began to think about whether disease was caused by drugs it felt quite revolutionary. When I began writing about it (see Conventional Medicine and the Creation of Illness) I was very careful not to reach too many unsupported conclusions. I was, perhaps, too careful!

What Doctor's Don't Tell You (WDDTY September 2010) is now asking the same question in their lead article - "The Damaged Brain. How drugs cause dementia". Much of this is based on a book, self-published by Grace E Jackson, "Drug Induced Dementia - a perfect crime" - which 'painstakingly catalogues the vast amount of scientific proof' that modern medicine is the primary culprit behind all forms of dementia "one of the more rampant epidemic conditions of our time".

For the book, see

Certainly, anyone who has a relative or friend who has dementia, particularly in the early stages, it would be wise to look at this potential cause of dementia. First, you would need to remember that the drug companies have no financial interest in telling you, the Department of Health and the NHS are dominated by the Drug Companies, and even your GP is unlikely to suggest to you that the drugs he/she has been prescribing might be the possible cause of dementia. The mainstream media will, of course, stay entirely silent!

I have been observing this connection now for several years, and it does seem that one thing that most dementia sufferers have in common is that they have all taken a variety of ConMed drugs during their life, and particularly during their later years.

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