Monday, 21 January 2019

Tourette's Syndrome. No known cause (???) Now running at epidemic levels. The condition is 'misunderstood' There is no conventional treatment available. No NICE guidelines

Tourette's Syndrome is described as "a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics. It usually starts during childhood ..... There's no cure for Tourette's syndrome ...... The cause is unknown" .. People ... may also have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or learning difficulties." (NHS Choices).

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am always suspicious about (i) 'new' illnesses that are described as (ii) 'syndromes', and illnesses that (iii) 'start during childhood', that (iv) have 'no cure', and where (v) the issue of causation is "unknown", especially when discussion about the cause is studiously avoided!

The patient support charity, Tourettes Action, has conducted a survey, and published evidence about a the disease. BBC Radio 5 Live broadcast a programme about Tourette's Syndrome yesterday (20th January 2019) which further raised my suspicions, and today BBC News published this article on the condition. All highlighted the unpleasant nature of Tourette's, and the plight of the 300,000 adults and children who suffer from it. And I noticed that all of the 5 issues highlighted above were raised by Tourettes Syndrome.

So let's have a look at Tourettes, and in particular some aspects of the disease that have NOT been dealt with by either Tourettes Action, the BBC, or the conventional medical staff who were interviewed.

A new disease? 
Georges Gilles de la Tourette lived between 1857 and 1904, and published an account of 9 patients (just 9) with the condition in 1885. So if Tourettes is not entirely a 'new' disease it is a disease that has expanded, exponentially, over the last 130 years, and particularly over the last 70 years. This is entirely typical of the many diseases that have been caused by conventional medicine, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Conventional medicine has no explanation for Tourettes, beyond pointing the finger at inheritance and genetics, and some vague comments about environmental agents. Yet conventional medicine knows full well (or they should know) that some of the drugs and vaccines they use have been implicated as a cause of Tourettes.

I have listed, and written about some of these drugs on my website, 'the Disease-Inducing-Affects of Pharmaceutical Drugs'. There are no doubt many more drugs being prescribed by doctors today that cause Tourettes, but which remain, as yet, unknown.

It is vaccines that are perhaps the drugs most implicated in Tourettes, which would explain not only the increased incidence of the disease, but the fact that it develops in childhood, with children who had hitherto developed normally and naturally.

If conventional medicine has not yet recognised the link between its drugs and Tourettes, lawyers certainly have. Many law firms in the USA are now advertising, offering to represent anyone with Tourettes when their condition developed shortly after receiving a vaccination!

The BBC radio programme was aghast that NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) has provided no guidelines for doctors about the treatment of Tourettes Syndrome. But the reason for this apparent neglect seems abundantly clear. Conventional medicine has no treatment for Tourettes! So perhaps it is somewhat unreasonable to expect them to provide guidance!

Yet Homeopathy does have treatment for Tourettes Syndrome. I have written about this in my 'Why Homeopathy?' website. Of course, the BBC, Tourettes Action, and conventional medicine has not heard about this. Or if they have they decided not to mention it!

So Tourettes sufferers do have somewhere to go. My advice on this blog is usually the same, with any condition. Homeopathy provides treatment options for every illness and disease, treatments that are safe, and invariably more effective than anything offered by conventional medicine. And in conditions like Tourettes, when conventional medicine has nothing to offer, patients have little to lose! And much to gain.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Breast Cancer. New predictive tool will be another 'game changer'! Or does it miss the most obvious cause of breast cancer?

Conventional medicine is always keen to announce new 'medical breakthroughs' that will be a 'game changer' in the way that one disease or another is dealt with, and the mainstream media is keen to publicise them. I have regularly reported on them in previous blogs.

The most recent is in this BBC article (15 January 2019) stating "Breast cancer risk test 'game changer". The article, which quotes Cancer Research UK (a major promoter of the drugs industry, and largely funded by it) states that experts have developed a potentially "game-changing" test to predict a woman's risk of breast cancer which combines all the known risk factors, such as family history, hundreds of genetic markers, and other factors, such as weight, to give the most comprehensive assessment possible.

The factors used in this new 'game changing' test are discussed in the Nature journal website, and outlined in more detail here. Other factors include age, height, body mass index, age at first birth, menarche and menopause, alcohol intake, and much more.

So what about the many pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that are known to cause cancer? Use of the contraceptive pill, and HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are mentioned. It would have been hard to ignore these two drugs, but nothing else was included.

The Right Diagnosis website provides a long list of pharmaceutical drugs, and combinations of pharmaceutical drugs, that are known to cause breast cancer. None of these drugs have found their way into the new test! And Right Diagnosis confirms that 'this is not a complete list' - as usual, no-one, certainly not doctors or medical scientists, are totally clear about just how carcinogenic ANY of their drugs are.

And remember, this is just a test for breast cancer. It is not a treatment. But conventional medicine's new mantra is that the earlier cancer is detected, the more chance there is of treating it. However, also remember that all conventional medicine's 'treatments' are known to be harmful and unpleasant.

But conventional medicine knows that it is important for them to keep in patient's minds the hope that they are winning the 'battle' against disease. So the publication of these stories are important to them. They want the mainstream media to carry these stories about future medical breakthroughs. And, as in this case, the media is very willing to comply - meekly, unquestioningly. The Sky News coverage is very similar to that of the BBC. And a simple web search reveals at least 20 similar reports, and as far as I can see not one of them questions whether the factors used in the test are comprehensive.

As usual, it is all just slavish reporting of information supplied by the conventional medical establishment. And conventional medicine does not want to to know about the link with drugs!

This is why the war on cancer, all cancers, has been lost, and why the incidence of cancer is increasing, year on year.

          * In the 1940's only 1 in 20 people got cancer.
          * In 1970s this figure has increased to 1 in 16.
          * In 1990s it had grown to 1 in 10.

The latest figure I have seen is that 1 in 3 people can now expect to get cancer during their lifetime. So two lessons need to be learnt.

  1. That we need to call a halt to a medical system that declares war on the body whenever it becomes sick with harmful and dangerous drugs and vaccines, and 
  2. To recognise that an important cause of cancer, probably one of the most important causes, is the pharmaceutical drugs we are being given to treat other illnesses.
Certainly, one important way we all have to prevent contracting cancer is to say 'No' to pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Which ones? I have listed some of them here, although the drugs mentioned probably only scratch the surface of the real problem.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Recent medical news indicating that conventional medicine is dangerous. So why is the public never told about any of it?

The history of conventional medicine is full of failures, horrors and patient disasters. In the 19th century it used techniques like blood letting and blistering, and drugs now recognised to be dangerous, like Laudanum, Calomel and Antimony. Many more pharmaceutical drugs followed during the 20th century, passing through Thalidomide, Fen-Phen, Baycol, Tysabri, Effexor, Avandia, Vioxx, and many, many more, listed on this link, but too numerous to mention here.

Past performance is always the best predictor of future performance.

So are today's drugs, the one's doctors are giving us now, any better? Regular readers of this blog will know that they are not. They are causing side effects, adverse reactions, that are generating the rapid increase of serious chronic illness and disease. Conventional medicine is well aware of this but in their pursuit of profit they are prepared to continue prescribing these dangerous drugs up to the point that doctors can no longer keep the truth from us.

The problem is that the harm being caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are never publicised. Our doctors, our national health services, our politicians and governments, and the mainstream media organisations, just don't bother to tell us.

So whilst we may be aware of some of the drugs and vaccines that have been banned and withdrawn in the past, few people are aware of the harm present day 'medications' are causing. To demonstrate this, I thought that I would bring together some of the recent news stories, since the recent holiday period, about the dangers that conventional medicine, and pharmaceutical drugs particularly, present to our health, THAT WE ARE JUST NOT TOLD ABOUT.

This article states that there have been hundreds of articles in medical journals that have found stray viruses, aluminum, mercury, etc., in vaccines, and asks whether this happens in error, or is a regular occurrence. It refers to Italian and French researchers who looked at 44 vaccines, and found inorganic contaminants IN EVERY SINGLE ONE!

You will not find this reported anywhere in the mainstream media!

Leaked to the press? Perhaps, but you will not find this reported in the mainstream media either!

Drug manufacturers & regulators accused of concealing harm done to young girls by vaccine, including death permanent injury, and life threatening reactions

Reported just over a year ago, but hidden, dismissed and minimised
by medical science - and, of course, censored by the mainstream media.

The Dr Mercola website has reported this month that Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, prescribed for upper respiratory and urinary tract infections, have been found to increase the risk of aortic dissection, which can lead to death. The article states that these antibiotics have long been associated with 'adverse events' that include psychiatric effects, kidney stones or failure, tendon rupture and retinal detachment leading to blindness.

If you think we might want to know about these dangerous side effects, 
the mainstream media does not agree. They have never mentioned the new evidence.

These are just some of the articles I have come across since the holiday period. I could provide you with many more (check my Tweets (@stevescrutton), my Facebook page, or my Linkedin page, regularly for these. But the main point is that no-one should ever assume that the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that our doctors are giving us today are safe.

If we are not aware of the dangers of today's drugs it is because we are never told about them - until after hundreds, thousands, millions of patients have been seriously harmed by them!

Monday, 7 January 2019

THE NHS. Even more money, allied to the promise of a new plan. A brave new dawn? Or just more of the same?

  • The NHS has a new plan that focuses on the prevention and early detection of disease. 
  • And it has been given an extra £4 billion more to spend every year.
  • Together, the NHS claims, they could save 500,000 lives.

A brave new dawn?
Or just more of the same?

The NHS plan will mean that GPs, mental health and community care will be awarded the biggest funding increases, even though 1 in 11 posts are currently vacant, and there are no explanations about where the new staff is coming from. The plan's aim is to reduce the reliance on hospitals, even though some senior hospital doctors are already warning that they face "a near-on impossible task." The president of the Society of Acute Medicine, Dr Nick Scriven, has said that he is "staggered" by the plan - given the problems facing hospitals, according to a BBC News report.

The NHS, as usual, is struggling. In terms of patient care it is missing all three key waiting time targets (A&E, cancer care and routine operations) - hence the reason for throwing more money at the problem, and coming up with a new plan. 

Financially the NHS is also overspending. Indeed, the media is already being told that the huge increase in funding is sufficient only to plug (i) inflation, and (ii) the yawning gaps that already exist in the NHS's health care provision. So even an additional £4 billion, to add to the £120 billion already being spend, is already spent, and is insufficient to keep up with patient demands!

This sets the agenda for new spending demands by the NHS, demands that will no doubt increase this year, next year, as more patients come through the door. These demands will be met, as always. More money will be found. But never enough to satisfy the bottomless of pit of the conventional medical system.

So perhaps the new plan will help! Unfortunately the new plan is just that, another 'new' plan. It is designed to overcome the inherent problems of the NHS. Whenever there is a new crisis (which is now a regular occurrence) new money is demanded and given, and a new NHS plan arises to justify the new spending, and to explain why it will work - this time.

Regular readers of this blog will know my explanation of this circuitous, never-ending NHS problem. It applies to every national health care service in the world that is dominated by conventional medicine. 
  • The NHS is dominated by conventional medicine, which itself is dominated by the use of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. 
  • Drugs and vaccines do not work, and they have never worked. The best they have ever done is to ameliorate illness, and this does not decrease the number of patients walking through the door of the NHS.
  • Indeed, drugs and vaccines make matters worse, through their side effect and adverse reactions. The illness and disease caused by drugs only increase the number of patients walking through the door of the NHS
  • So the more money spent on the same kind of medical intervention will only increase patient demand for yet more treatment.
So is the new NHS 'prevention' plan likely to work?

Let's look closely at what conventional doctors (GP's) are likely do in their new (?) and enhanced preventative role. How are they going to spend the new resources being made available to them.
  • When a patient is in pain (s)he will be given painkillers. These may temporarily reduce pain but without doing anything to relieve the source of the pain.
  • When a patient has an infection (s)he will be given antibiotic drugs, if there any that still work in killing bacteria - both 'good' and so-called 'bad' bacteria.
  • When a patient is found to have high blood pressure (s)he will be given an antihypertensive drugs.
  • When a patient is thought to have a risk of heart disease, or stroke, (s)he will be given Statin drugs.
  • When a patient is depressed (s)he will be given antidepressant, and antipsychotic drugs.
  • And to prevent deadly (?) diseases like Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and most anything else, our children will be vaccinated, .
In other words, the plan will ensure, and the additional money will enable, more to be spent on the same old, failed treatments. After all, conventional medicine has nothing else to offer. If it had anything safer or more effective it would be offering it to patients now! And the drugs mentioned above are just a few of the drugs that are causing serious patient harm, through their side effects that are really serious new illnesses and diseases.
  • So the new NHS money is being spent to hide medical failure. It will further increase sickness levels, and patient demand for more health care. It will fuel more demands for more government spending on the NHS.
  • The new NHS plan will give conventional doctors responsibility for preventing illness and disease, but the only tools they will have at their disposal are the same tools that have caused the crisis.
I will be writing about these new and increased demands for more NHS spending in a few years time, when this prediction is fulfilled, as all my others have been!

Unless, of course, between now and then, there is a 'eureka' moment - that conventional medicine is failing - and that spending more on it will prove to be no more a self-fulfilling, guaranteed route to more failure. That we need to start looking for alternatives to this non-ending saga.