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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The dangers of Statins - and Cholesterol

People using statins, which reputedly lower cholesterol,  have a higher risk of liver dysfunction, kidney failure, muscle weakness and cataracts - according to a study that covered more than 2 million people in Britain by researchers from Nottingham University.

The findings have been published in the British Medical Journal, and by Reuters

Statins have been considered to be wonder drugs, with few if any side-effects. Some doctors are still saying that everyone at risk of heart attack of stroke should take them. Just a few weeks ago one doctor suggested they should be taken by everyone who has a 'fast-food' meal.
The mainstream media does not think it is worth passing on to their readers, listeners and viewers, even though Statin drugs have been prescribed to millions of patients on the basis that they are entirely safe, and have become the best selling ConMed drugs, and of course, highly profitable.
All pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous, and consequently should be avoided. Most of them, 85% it has been calculated, are also useless. So there is no point taking them. Your body controls the levels of cholesterol, and as long as you have a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle, you can leave it to your body. If in doubt, consult a homeopath - who will at least do nothing to harm you, and if you have high cholesterol, homeopathy can help you body get back in control of its production.