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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19. Why is conventional medical science in such a mess? Why the political hysteria? Why the total media compliance?

The coronavirus panic has led to a shambles, the self-infliction of a ludicrous set of social rules and regulation that make no logical sense. COVID-19 is just a virus, albeit one that may have been created in a bio-laboratory somewhere that experiments with mixing animal and human viruses. Yet a more sober assessment of the virus seems to suggest that COVID-19 is no more lethal than any other 'ordinary' flu virus.

The problem that has caused the shambles is conventional medicine. We should all have been asking the question decades ago - what sort of medical system do we have...
  • that kills cows, and complete herds, when they contract TB?
  • that kills entire flocks of birds when there is an outbreak of bird flu?
  • that kills and burns cattle that contract Foot and Mouth?
  • that fells and destroys trees when they are diagnosed with a disease?
I have often wondered what would happen if a serious viral epidemic threatened humanity - and now we know! In Britain (and no doubt throughout the rest of the world dominated by pharmaceutical medicine) we have been getting blanket, wall-to-wall news coverage about coronavirus. It is panic stations.
  • The mainstream media in the UK is consulting with health 'experts' - all of them from the conventional medical establishment.
  • The government is consulting health 'experts', all providing (we are told, and one assumes) the best information that conventional medical science can provide. No one from outside conventional medicine is consulted. Anyone with a contrary message are not listened to, they are ignored. It is as if they did not exist.
So it is not surprising that the conventional medical message about this virus has taken a firm grip on the nation's thinking.
  • Coronavirus is a serious and deadly infection.
  • It is estimated that hundreds of thousands (not just thousands) will die.
  • The government has a responsibility to do anything and everything to protect us.
  • So we must all self isolate.
  • We must undermine normal social relationships.
  • We must lock down the economy.
Three months into the pandemic and still no-one really knows how long it will last. No one knows whether people will accept social lockdown for any extended length of time. No one knows whether it will lead to serious mental health problems, mass disaffection, or whether there will be rioting in the streets. No one knows what it will do to the economy, to our jobs. No one knows what it will do to our children's education. And so on.

We are on a journey into the unknown - courtesy of the conventional medical science.

Government and Media are doing what medical science tells us to do. They are the 'experts'. No-one is allowed to challenge their wisdom. What medical science says is sacrosanct, unchallengeable.

Indeed, I suspect that the current state of fear and panic is such that many people, indeed most people, will not want to read this! They will find such a contrary message hard to accept. When a message is repeated often enough, however irrational the message, people will believe it, especially when they are not 'experts' in the field. This is not surprising perhaps - it is the basis of all advertising and promotion. We tend to believe what we are told to believe.

The message we are receiving about the coronavirus epidemic, the only message we are getting, is one of fear, enough to make most people hysterical with panic. If conventional medicine wanted us to panic, to be hysterical, it has succeeded. We are doing things we would not volunteer to do in normal circumstances. There is a lack of cool, rational thinking. There is no suggestion that we should not self-isolate, that we should not close down or personal and social lives, or put our economy at serious risk. TINA rules - There Is No Alternative.

It is certainly a fact that pharmaceutical medicine has no viable response to this (or indeed any other) virus, either preventative or treatment. It has openly admitted as much. So perhaps the only thing they can do is to get us to panic. It is better to stress how awful the virus is than to admit they can do nothing about it.

And the conventional medical establishment has demonstrated that it is sufficiently powerful, and influential, to control the government, and ensure that the mainstream media does not do its job - to delve, to question, to investigate. The result is that there has been no discussion about the 'closing down' message from anyone. The mainstream media does not challenge medical 'experts' who predict imminent doom. People have accepted that they must isolate, close down their social lives, act in a way that will probably impoverish them, and make us reliant on government largesse.

Everyone should panic - and panicking we most certainly are.

Few questions are being asked about where this policy is leading. Is the personal, social and economic cost of conventional medical policy commensurate with the size of the threat we face from the virus? We are being asked to do things we have never done before, never, in human history. Stop socialising with other people; don't visit sick and elderly relatives. Don't get married. Close down every imaginable recreational pursuit.

How long will it last? How long will people be willing to comply? 3 months, 6 months, to the end of the year, perhaps sometime in 2021.

We all have to wait. The only prospect is that the pharmaceutical industry will soon come up with a vaccine. And vaccines are, of course, the answer to all health problems. This has been stated regularly, and it has gone unquestioned since the start of the pandemic!

So are there alternatives? Do we have choices? Does what we are doing make any rational sense? Is the policy of medical science a commensurate response to the threat?

Yet there is a further question. Why should the conventional medical establishment want us to panic in such a way? Panic arises whenever there is a sense of helplessness, an inability to control a situation that threatens us. And this is the position conventional medicine now finds itself in, and they don't like it.

After all they always present themselves as health 'experts', a medical system that has the answers to ill-health, that is overcoming sickness and disease. Regular readers of this blog will know that the reality is different. So when faced with coronavirus, when they realise they have no effective treatment, they panic. It's a natural reaction. Their reputation is at stake. And all they can do is to get us to panic by over-emphasising the threat to our health, and appear to be doing something, anything, even if it is to wash our hands, in response to it.

So whilst pharmaceutical medicine may appear confident, it is anything but confident. It is scared stiff. And they have scared our government into abject fear. And persuaded the mainstream media not to go 'off message'. 

At no other time, in all human history, has any government, in any part of the world, been prepared to put normal social relationships, and our economy, at such risk. Yet of course we are lucky.
  • If we were birds we would be culled. 
  • If we were cattle we would be slaughtered. 
  • If we were trees we would be felled.
Or maybe we should start looking at natural medical therapies,
 to see what they can do to save us from complete insanity.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Five million drug errors kill or seriously harm Britons every year. Be safe. Save the NHS. Insist on Homeopathy.

This is the headline of WDDTY News yesterday (24th June 2020). The article says this has been discovered by "a shocking new report". The problem with this, however, is that shocking as this may be, it is certainly not 'new'. It is the 'every year' of the title that is pertinent here. This is just the latest report (which politicians, government, mainstream media, and the conventional medical establishment will go out of their way to ignore. So what is the latest evidence on an on-going story?

               "Researchers have identified 237 million medication errors that happen every year in England, and 2 percent of these—4.74 million—do serious harm to the patient, and a further 86 million errors are 'clinically significant', say researchers from the University of Manchester. Serious harm ranges from life-threatening adverse reactions to death."

This is NOT shocking. It is routine. It happens every year. Researchers study it year by year and come up with the same conclusion. Yet nothing changes. I wrote this in March 2018, the result of another WDDTY News report. 

               "22,000 people die every year in England as a result of medical errors. How many more die from pharmaceutical drugs that are NOT given in error?"

In this piece I asked whether patient harm is caused by 'drug errors', or by the operation of a system of medicine that is inherently dangerous. And if these are the 'errors' that have been admitted, how much more harm is being caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that go unreported and unrecognised.

So I ask the same questions again!

I also ask about the ongoing silence, the apparent unwillingness of the conventional medical establishment to do anything about it.

The Precautionary Principle?
It is not applied to conventional medicine, who can continue harming patients, year by year, without anything changing to protect patients.

First do no harm?
This is part of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors sign up to, but which is simply ignored, year by year, by doctors who continue to prescribe the same dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

               "Around 80% of deaths from the errors are the result of gastrointestinal bleeds from NSAIDs (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin and the blood-thinning agent, warfarin."
The research found similar rates of 'error' being reported in the USA, and in other European countries. The problem is, apparently, has even been acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO). And it costs the UK'S NHS about £98m a year.
Yet, year by year, nothing is done. In any other industry there would be a major investigation, patients would be warned, and the practices that kill and harm millions of patient would have been banned.
And it's always the same drugs that are found to be causing the harm - NSAIDs; antiplatelet drugs, anti-epilepsy drugs, diabetes drugs; diuretics, inhaled corticosteroids (inhalers); and heart drugs, such as beta blockers.

And this year, next year, and every year, these drugs will continue to seriously harm, and kill patients until in time, more researchers will discover that drug 'errors' are killing and seriously harming patients - in yet another new and shocking report.

The solution will have to be a personal decision, as conventional medicine will not change.
We will ALL have to refuse to take these dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines; we must start saying 'No' to doctors. We have to insist on safe and effective medicine, and look for safer natural therapies, like homeopathy.

Be Safe. Save the NHS. Insist on Homeopathy.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Medical Science. The dishonesty continues - PubMed - the concealment of research data - next to useless as a scientific database and resource

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH) has discovered yet another strategy being used by the pharmaceutical medical establishment, with medical science, to keep the truth about health and medicine from us. Click on this link to see the full details of ANH's research into this. ANH says it has long been concerned about the concealment of research data "that prevents independent analysis and therefore scientific interpretation". They state that this means "clinical decisions and health policies are routinely made without full consideration of all relevant scientific data".

PubMed is the online National Library of Medicine database, owned and operated by the USA National Institutes for Health. It is the common starting point for evaluating biomedical literature, with PubMed claiming that its database comprises “... more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.” 

In its article, dated 17th June 2020, AHN discovered that PubMed is involved in concealing research data which will prevent independent scientific analysis/interpretation. This is serious.

               "..... PubMed is used by ... researchers, doctors, other clinicians, health policy makers, health journalists and even some citizens, including patients with serious diseases who are looking for answers and independent views of the science around their treatment options. Major public health decisions including those made by governments during this Covid-19 pandemic are based on science that is found in PubMed. It’s been the go-to engine for biomedical scientists for years – it is in many ways the Google of the biomedical world."

The detailed research can be found, in detail in the ANH article. Its conclusion was starkly ominous - "we've demonstrated that PubMed is next to useless as a database and resource for the kind of subject areas central to our mission and vision." ANH ponders on why this situation has come about, but noted that PubMed Central, a sister index, is funded by a list of private and international partners, at the top which is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

               "We simply don't know if this Foundation or any other interests were involved in the redevelopment of PubMed or the way in which PubMed is found by the internet search engines like Google."

Most alarming to me, personally, is that search engines other than Google are also complicit in this unethical scientific conspiracy, including DuckDuckGo, which is the search engine I usually use - but perhaps not for much longer now.

ANH are being characteristically tongue-in-cheek about 'not knowing' who is behind this! Everyone should realise that the wealthy pharmaceutical medical establishment, in all its many branches and guises, has been subverting the honesty of medical science for decades.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19. Logging the Blogs on the Epidemic

Blogs on the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic
From January 2020 through to June 2020 I have written nearly 30 blogs on this Pandemic. This is a synopsis of those blogs, what they discussed, with links to each one.

26 January 2020
The Coronavirus Panic. Just how dangerous is this new virus?
  • where I reassured readers that the only people who needed to worry were those who depended upon conventional medicine.
10 February 2020
The Coronavirus Panic. What every sensible and informed person should be doing.
  • where I recommended that readers contacted a local homeopath for both preventative and treatment of the new virus
12 February 2020
Conventional medicine is in a gigantic panic. So is enough being done to contain it? When it has nothing to offer, but refuses to embrace homeopathy?
  • where I related the developing panic, and questioned why (as conventional medicine had no treatment) it was not asking homeopathy for assistance.
4 March 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic. Why is the advice of the Indian government so different from advice we receive in 'advanced' western world? Are better treatments available?
  • where I write about the Indian and Cuban governments response to the panic, and incorporating homeopathy in their strategy.
9 March 2020

Coronavirus. Did you know they use Homeopathy in India? So how are they doing?
  • a blog reinforcing the use of homeopathy in India with some of the current statistics.
19 March 2020
Coronavirus. Does Conventional Medical Establishment prefer patients to die rather than offer them Natural Medical Treatment?
  • with people now dying in the UK, conventional medicine having no treatment, yet still not asking for homeopathic assistance, whether the NHS preferred people to die than to refer to alternative medicine.
6 April 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. The important questions that aren't being asked.
  • with the NHS, the Government, and the mainstream media having endless discussions about the pandemic, I asked why certain key questions were not be asked, leave alone answered.
Coronavirus. COVID-19. Does Natural Medicine have an alternative?
  • a blog in which I outlined what natural medicine might be doing in the epidemic -  if it was ever asked to play a role.
7 April 2020
Coronavirus. COVID-19. The pharmaceutical drugs cupboard is bare. Hydroxychloroquine. Chloroquine
  • a blog written when this drug was put forward as a possible treatment, a drug with a long list of harmful side effects - which of course were not mentioned.
17 April 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19 in India & Cuba. Is Homeopathy the answer that the pharmaceutical establishment has to deny?
  • with countries using homeopathy performing better (regardless of inadequacy of statistics) I discussed the reasons why conventional medicine could not afford to refer patients to homeopathy.
22 April 2020
Coronavitus COVID-19. A slow recovery? Why not try this remedy
  • It as becoming clear at this point that many patients were taking a very long time to recover from the virus - and I suggested a homeopathic remedy often used for a failure to get well after influenza.

23 April 2020
A "Safe Vaccine" is an Oxymoron. The two words cannot be combined with honesty
  •  As conventional medicine kept repeating the mantra "the solution will be a vaccine" I pointed out that there was no safe vaccine which has been the answer to any disease.
24 April 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. The panic and hysteria is going to lead to Mandatory Vaccination. The Nuremberg Code, and the Hippocrtic Oath, tells us why we should resist this.
  • I predict that the policy as 'protecting others' was going to lead to mandatary vaccination, and discussed similarities with the Nuremberg Codes, and the contraposition with the Hippocratic Oath - of doing no harm
25 April 2020
Coronanvirus COVID-19 & Immunosuppression. Who are these people with 'underlying health conditions' who are dying?
  •  Coronavirus was killing very few people who did not have an underlying health condition, so I asked who these people were, and how pharmaceutivcal drugs are known to cause disease, and undermine natural immunity.
27 April 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. Germ Theory and Disease. The difference between a natural health approach & a pharmaceutical approach goes back 150 years
  • Pasteur's 'germ theory' was discussed as the basis for the 'chasing germs' strategy of conventional medicine. This was compared and contrasted with a contemporary scientist, Antoine B├ęchamp, whose theory of germs underpins all natural medical therapies.
4 May 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. Will it lead to a re-assessment of a system of medical care that kills, or allows patients to die, destroys economies, and social life, as the result of an infectious disease?
  • In this blog I ask whether the pandemic would ultimately lead to a reassessment of the performance of conventional medicine's response to infectious disease - in both humans and animals.
7 May 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. A failure of medical science that has resulted in social and economic mayhem. "Save the NHS" or "Save Lives"?
  • Here I juxtaposed the two strategies of the governments policy, and asked why 'Saving the NHS' was placed before 'Saving Lives'. Was it more to save conventional medicine than people's lives?
15 May 2020
Is there treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19? Or is it a closely guarded secret?
  • after answering a question on the Quora website, this was a humorous suggestion that there was such a treatment - but that no-one should talk about it as it was not allowed by the conventional medical establishment!
18 May 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. "Never have so few controlled the lives of so many"
  •  This blog pointed to a brilliant video that I had just watched made by Rob Verklerk of the Alliance of Natural Health.
The Politics of Coronavirus. The thin edge of hefty wedge? Mandatory drugging, Health Freedom & Patient Choice
  •  a further discussion of the strategy of the pharmaceutical industry to introduce mandatory vaccines, and the threat to health freedom and patient choice.
28 May 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. Is a real health debate about this virus being stifled?
  • with the NHS, the Government, and the mainstream media all singing from the same hymn sheet, this blog bemoans the lack of a real debate
31 May 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. An agonizing journey to death. There is no medical treatment. So for many, it has been death without treatment when treatment was available.
  • Another of my 'agonising journey' series of blogs - plotting the death of people who rely entirely on pharmaceutical medicine when they are ill.
1 June 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. Everyone has gone through lockdown. but ''Shielding' patients have had it much worse. So who are these people?
  • there was lots of talk about 'shielded patient', and I ask who these people are, and why they have to be 'shielded'. The government's description leads back to the immune system, and people whose natural immunity had been compromised by pharmaceutical medicine.
5 June 2020
Coronavirus COVID-19. UK Vaccine Network. News of a massive scandal involving the UK government, the Bill Gates Foundation, leading drug companies, all planning to profit massively from the pandemic
  • reports of a massive scandal were beginning to dominate social media, and this blog referred to this as an explanation for some of the strange decisions and policies of the government.
9 June 2020
Infectious Disease and Medical Treatment. A brief history arising from Coronavirus COVID-19.
  • a blog that looked back to the history of previous epidemics of infectious disease, and comparisons of conventional and homeopathic treatment that have been made since the early 19th century.
9 June 2020
  • A blog discussing the purpose of  two pieces of 'scientific' research which suggested that the situation could have been much worse than the disaster we are witnessing. 
10 June 2020
  • The impact the epidemic has had on the annual crisis within the NHS; more and more money pumped in; yet demand for health services continues to rise.
11 June 2020
  •  Comparing conventional medicine's approach to illness with natural medical therapy - do whatever you want and we will make you better - and - our health is a personal responsibility.

Thursday, 11 June 2020


Conventional medicine offers us a dream....
  • Do what you like. 
  • Lead your life in whatever way you wish
  • You can even damage your own health.
....but when you get ill we will have a drug for you that makes you better.

So when coronavirus COVID-19 strikes - don't worry - we will kill the germ - we will develop a vaccine (and we have told you about how safe and effective they are). Whatever happens we will keep you safe. We might have to introduce some really ludicrous social policies. We might need to destroy the economy, and your livelihood with it. But we will keep you safe; just stay in self isolation, don't see your friends and family - and remember to wash your hands regularly.

All you need to know is that you will be safe, but only if you take our drugs. Side effects? Don't worry about them, we will have drugs to deal with them too. More side effects Don't worry there will be more drugs to deal with them too. There is no need for you to worry about anything.

Even if your heart, your liver, your kidneys, or other organs break down because of your lifestyle choices, or because of adverse drug reactions, don't worry. We will give you a transplant, a nice new organ. Aren't we wonderful? And there is nothing you have to do, just leave it all to us.

And please don't worry about joint pain either. Just take painkillers. We know they only work for a short time, and you will need to take more and more; and then stronger and more toxic painkillers. But in the end we can always replace your limbs.

So why do you ask about the immune system? You don't need it. You have probably damaged it anyway; you really should have exercised more, improved your diet, stopped smoking; but don't worry about it. And anyway, after taking all those drugs your immune system might not protect you anyway. 

Indeed it might 'turn in' on itself, you might contract an autoimmune disease - there are so many people suffering from these diseases now - don't know why. Just unfortunate. It's the fault of the immune system. But don't worry, we can turn your immune system off with more drugs, immunosuppressant drugs.

Of course, with no immune system, you might go down with every infection that is going around. Like coronavirus COVID-19, for instance. There is no treatment for that, but we will be developing a vaccine - so no need to worry. 

Just withdraw from society
isolate yourself
stop seeing anyone that's important to you
lose your job
live in poverty
And don't forget - wash your hands

We will kill the virus for you
Your health is safe with us
 you will be alright - trust us

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

NHS IN CRISIS. 2020. Another routine annual winter crisis notwithstanding Coronavirus COVIS-19.

Apologies. The disruption caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the writing of this, now, annual blog. The fear and panic generated by medical science, government and media  in response to the virus, still ongoing, has taken the focus away from what would otherwise have been the usual winter NHS crisis >> increased patient demand >> inability to cope >> demands for more resources.

Yet crisis it undoubtedly is, just like any other year, but perhaps just a trifle more serious. Once government and the conventional medical establishment realised there was an epidemic, and no conventional treatment, everything else hitherto considered important was thrown out - the baby alongside with the bathwater. Government policy made this clear.

STAY HOME - this was the central policy, an alternative to effective medical treatment, that has led inevitably to all the social, educational and economic distress and mayhem that it caused, and continues to cause.

..... SAVE THE NHS - the first stated, and primary objective of policy. It was made clear from the start that government knew conventional medicine, and the NHS, would be overwhelmed, and they determined that this had to be avoided at any cost as a top priority.

.......... SAVE LIVES - the next objective, something statistics can even now demonstrate has singularly failed. Fantastic hospital care, but no treatment, with NHS staff having to watch helplessly whilst over 40,000 people died in front of them.
  • From March onwards more and more money was pumped into the NHS - "whatever it takes" according to government rhetoric. At some point, maybe, we will be told exactly how much additional money has been spent to prop up a failed medical system.
  • At the same time most 'routine' work with cancer, heart and other priority patients was cancelled or postponed. Dealing with the virus was now the priority - saving the NHS from collapse. In addition, the panic generated by the NHS discouraged people from seeing their doctors, or attending  hospital, when formerly they might have done.
So the consequences of NHS, and conventional medical failure this year is going to stretch onwards into the rest of the year, and beyond. This morning, 10th June 2020), BBC News heralded some of the early cries of alarm that underline the new 2020 NHS crisis. Here are the headlines, taken from the NHS Confederation, a body representing health and care leaders from organisations that commission and provide health services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • NHS bosses fear the Covid-19 crisis could see the number of people waiting for NHS treatment double to 10 million by the end of the year.
  • NHS Confederation projections show that the NHS waiting list is expected to rise from about 4.2 million currently to about 10 million by Christmas.
  • It says that the NHS faces an "uphill battle" trying to restart cancer, stroke and heart care services, whilst at the same time continuing to manage thousands of sick and recovering Covid-19 patient.
Predictably the NHS Confederation said that more money would be needed. Equally predictably the Department of Health responded, saying it will continue to provide the resources, funding and support the NHS needs. So the never-ending pattern of NHS failure continues.
>>> sickness >>> money >>> more sickness >>> more money >>> even more sickness >>> etc
>>> sickness >>> treatment >>> still sick >>> drug side effects >>> more sickness >>> more treatment >>> even more side effects >>> even more sickness >>> etc

The NHS crisis of winter 2020 has been different only in that there has been one serious additional problem - coronavirus has led to the death of rather more people than usually die of influenza every year. In most years 'routine' surgery is cancelled. This year the panic response has led to the termination of all treatment for people with cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other serious medical conditions.

So will the outcome be any different? It might be. Even the NHS Confederation provides this warning for the future.

               "The bigger point being made by the confederation is that the government in Westminster needs to think very hard about how the health service is managed in the months ahead and how patients' expectations should be prepared." (my emphasis).

Managing patient expectations! What does this mean? In past years government money has always been made available to the NHS so that they are able to meet the ever-increasing patient demand for treatment. It is these demands that are now going to have to be managed, the implication being that ploughing even more money into the NHS may prove to be difficult. Why is this?

The demand side is not changing. Conventional medicine's inability to treat illness is ongoing; conventional medical treatment continues to generate increasing levels of illness and disease; and coronavirus is predicted to continue, adding yet more demands on NHS treatment (treatment it does not have).

The supply side, however, is weakening. The lockdown policies pursued by the government, an alternative to effective medical treatment, is destroying the economy. A recession is in prospect, perhaps even a depression. Millions are losing their jobs; they will require government expenditure on unemployment benefits, et al. At the same time tax revenues will be drastically reduced. There are already demands for additional government spending in every other part of the national economy - education, social care, police, local government - almost everywhere you look.

So perhaps for the very first time the UK government will find itself unable to respond to the constant demands for increased NHS funding. There will be a health crisis that cannot be hidden, brushed under the carpet, by yet more spending. Perhaps then more searching questions will begin to be asked.
  • Why is the huge £150 billion NHS budget not enough?
  • What value, in terms of patient outcomes, does the NHS actually provide?
  • Why aren't patients getting better with conventional medical treatment?
  • Why is chronic disease, in all its many guises, increasing so rapidly, year by year?
  • Why is there no conventional medical treatment for infectious diseases wherever, and whenever they occur?
The NHS had transformed itself into a monopoly supplier of one type of medicine. It is deeply hostile to natural medical therapies, like homeopathy, which it has almost totally barred them from the NHS. So whatever the problems the NHS now faces they have been caused by conventional medicine - its inability make sick people well, its willingness to use treatments whose 'side effects'  demonstrably cause patient harm.

Perhaps then the NHS will be forced to look at what some other countries are doing, like Cuba, and India (particularly in one southern province, Kerala), where patient outcome comparisons can now be made between conventional and natural medical treatment.

Or perhaps I am being too optimistic. The pharmaceutical industry remains financially strong, and it uses its wealth to control the NHS, the government, and the mainstream media. Too few people have analysed what is happening - that we are constantly throwing more and more money into a bottomless pit.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19. What do you do when your policy fails? Apologise? Or publish research that says it could have been so much worse!

  • What do governments do when their policy has proven to be an absolute failure?
  • What if a government's policy towards coronavirus COVID-19 has been one failure after after, leading to over 40,000 people dying in hospital with a medical system that has no treatment?
  • What does a failed medical system do when it admits it has no treatment for an epidemic, and can do nothing to stop 410,000 deaths from happening?
  • Admit failure, and say "sorry, we were not good enough"?
Or perhaps you undertake some research which finds that if they had not done what they did the situation would have been so much worse?
               "Lockdowns have saved more than three million lives from coronavirus in Europe". 
..... says a team at Imperial College London.
And another study, published in the journal 'Nature', that said global lockdowns had "saved more lives, in a shorter period of time, than ever before"; that instead of around 130,000 deaths in 11 European countries, 3.1 million people would otherwise have died.

This is total arrant nonsense!
No epidemic has ever taken this number of lives
- nor will an epidemic ever do so
 It is an attempt by pharmaceutical medicine to snatch victory from abysmal defeat by buying bogus studies!