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Friday 17 September 2010

Sleeping pills increase chances of dying by 40 per cent

WDDTY ('What Doctors Don"t Tell You') have reported that sleeping pills increase the risk of an early death by nearly 40%. 

This is based on alarming new research published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. The drugs were found to affect our reactions, contributing to falls and accidents, as well as our breathing patterns, which could be disturbed while we sleep. 

The research found that anxiety drugs affected mortality rates in a similar way.

This was not a small study. Researchers established the link after they analysed 12 years of data involving 14,000 patients. They found that insomnia and anxiety drugs increased the death rate by 36 per cent, and lead researcher, Dr Genevieve Belleville said:
“These medications aren’t candy, and taking them is far from harmless”.

The Conventional Medical Establishment admit that their drugs are dangerous, even though they usually play down the risk. Certain, pharmaceutical drugs should not be taken unless you are willing to take the risk. The trouble is patients are not being told about the risks of ConMed drugs. Websites such as WDDTY do their best, but the mainstream media ignore such research.

Homeopathy is a much safer and more effective form of treatment, with remedies like Passiflora and Coffea being particularly effective. However, there are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies for insomnia, as treatment for this condition has to be individualised. So you are advised to consult with a homeopathy (see for a local homeopath).

For more information on the Homeopathic treatment of Insomnia go to the following link, which compares conventional and homeopathic treatment