Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why do GPs prescribe dangerous treatments?

Are GPs as much to blame as the NHS and the Big Pharma companies for putting our health at risk by prescribing dangerous drugs and vaccines? Most people seem to trust their GPs. I stopped doing so several years ago when a GP, and a hospital registrar, both told me that Beta Blockers were 'well tolerated' (they aren't)!

Well, look at this piece from Child Health Safety.

It describes why GPs may be keen to push drugs and vaccines on their patients - there are financial incentives for them to do so. And not only that, the GMC (the GPs statutory body, established to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards of practice) apparently advised GPs to remove unvaccinated children from their list in order to reach their 'targets', and thus, receive their incentive payments.

I have no doubt that the GMC, and most GPs, support vaccination, and that they do so despite all the evidence in front of them of the widespread tragedy caused to some people. But the picture of GPs recommending vaccination to their patients in order to reach their targets, and for the GMC to recommend their GPs de-register people who did not want to be vaccinated, takes this situation a long way from being 'ethical' medical practice.

It means that just as the Big Pharma companies pursue profits by selling dangerous drugs, GPs are prepared to pass them on to you, with the full support of their governing body.

So next time your GP tells you something, work out why he is telling you. Is it in the best interests of your health? Or does he/she have a financial motive?

Read the article, and make up your own mind.