Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gardasil (and Cervarix) - the most dangerous vaccine ever?

To gain this title, a vaccine has to be fairly destructive; but this is what it has been called in this Natural News article, which you should read to be aware of the dangerous of this vaccination.

          In the face of increasing reports of adverse events and death rates that are 400% higher than other vaccines, Merck continues to maintain that its controversial Gardasil vaccine is safe and continues to push for wider use. One group Merck would especially like to gain approval for is older women (currently, the vaccine is not approved for women over 27 years old). Despite Merck's claims to the contrary, studies have actually shown that Gardasil and its sister vaccine Cervarix (from GlaxoSmithKline) provide no protection for women already exposed to the HPV virus and in fact present highly elevated risks for already exposed women as well as for expectant mothers.

It is not long ago that all our young girls were 'offered' this vaccine. Parents were told it was safe. My grand-daughter did not have the vaccination, and was told off by her teacher! We know that the drug companies will continue to defend their drugs and vaccines, until the evidence is overwhelming, and they are forced to act. But why does the government, the Department of Health, the NHS, and our GPs fail to tell us? Why do our mainstream media say nothing about this?

One state in the USA is now acting, well, almost!

Let's hope the financial resources of the drug companies are not instrumental in changing their mind!