Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Is your doctor paid to give you dangerous drugs?

Or, in other words, why isn't your doctor telling you the truth about dangerous, disease-inducing drugs?

Drug companies are now allowed to advertise their drugs in the UK. So getting GPs to prescribe them is good marketing.

The Dr Mercola website has recently published some information about this, appertaining to the USA (where drugs can be advertised directly to the public). They found that $282 million was paid to doctors by drug companies in a single year, and asks whether this is compromising the best interests of patients?


You can be sure it is! But by and large, people trust their GPs. So there are important question we should all ask our doctors.

     Why have you been so willing, so consistently, over decades, been prepared to prescribe us drugs that have ultimately proven to be ineffective, and dangerous?

     Why do you trust drug companies who have proven to act so irresponsibly in marketing drugs to the public when so often they are useless, and cause serious disease?

     How can you assure me the drugs you are prescribing today are not equally useless, or dangerous?

As Dr Mercola says, the chances are "your doctor has fallen prey to pharmaceutical marketing tactics. Most doctors simply do not have the time to research each drug, and rely heavily on information from their pharmaceutical reps and from other 'experts', that is, doctors who are receiving significant fees to talk about drug companies".

Some doctors do recognise the problem, and have even formed a group to counter the propaganda and bribes of the drug companies.