Thursday, 6 January 2011

Morning Sickness and Homeopathy

Morning sickness can be annoying, and many women are reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs to deal with it. This is quite understandable. And the history of the dangerousness of conventional medicine well known, through the Thalidomide debacle, and more recently, the withdrawal in the USA of Bendectin, which was commonly prescribed for morning sickness. It was found to cause serious harm, including birth defects.
Yet you can still buy Bendectin in the UK. 
It is known here as Diclectin, and is still being prescribed.

Drug companies seem to care little about the damage they can cause to patients, even to pregnant women and their babies. They will sell dangerous drugs anywhere.

Yet homeopathy can deal safely and effectively with this condition. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and safe; they can be very effective. These are some remedies you might want to try (the information is taken from

Colchicum: worse after smelling food, especially cooking food. Vomiting even at the thought of food. Nausea worse from even the slightest movement.

Ipecacuanha: Constant, persistent nausea. Even vomiting doesn't relieve the nausea and it is worse when lying down.

Nux Vomica: Nausea is worse in the morning and from eating. The stomach is very sensitive to pressure. Nux Vomica can be taken alternately with Ipecacuanha.

Lacticum Acidum: Nausea is better after eating and worse from the smell of tobacco smoke. Appetite is  not affected, may even have increased appetite.

Sepia: Nausea is worse in the morning. Sensitive to odours, and craving for sour foods. She may be depressed, and and may regret the pregnancy.

Symphoricarpus: This remedy often works for morning sickness when other remedies fail.  The nausea is worse after any motion with aversion to all food.

So find a local homeopathy, and treat the condition safely.