Thursday, 13 January 2011

If given a fair choice, most consumers would choose alternative medicine over conventional health care

As a long-term supporter of the principle of the NHS in the UK, this article is certainly food for thought.

There is little doubt that the NHS provides health care from general taxation, and then offers only one type of medicine - drug-based ConMed, dominated by Big Pharma. The NHS has become a monopoly supplier, dominated by people with a vested interested in this dangerous form of medicine.

Those who regularly attack homeopathy clearly want to stop patients having choice within the NHS; they certainly want to stop the tiny amount spent on homeopathy by the NHS, regardless of patient choice.

And many politicians and NHS officials now want to enforce medication, for instance, through their arguments about the importance of vaccination, and 'herd immunity'.

Patient choice within the NHS is going to become an important issue over the coming months, particularly important in terms of those people who want to choose a safe form of therapy rather than the dangerous and useless drugs offered to them at the moment.

It will be fought hard by homeopathy denialists, who know that where patients have a choice, and good information about all types of treatment, they will choose the safest, and more effective option. And that is, without doubt, homeopathy.