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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Benzodiazepine Drugs (Valium, Ativan)

Benzodiazepine drugs have a disastrous history, even though there was a time when Valium was known as a 'wonder drug'.

"The history of benzodiazepines ... is the story of how drug companies gave birth to the scandal through their influence with doctors, the policing of alternative views of the drugs, the controlling of government through ties with the regulator bodies and advisers, and their use of power and money to ensure that legal actions became mired in procedure and ultimately failed, allow the harm to continue unchecked".

So writes Colin Downes-Grainger in his book "Prescription for Injury. The politics of Pharmaceutical Manufacture, Regulation and Prescription". Colin himself is a victim of Benzodiazepine drugs, and his book outlines his struggle to bring their harmful (disease inducing) effects (DIEs) into the open.

Colin was unable to publish the book professionally, and I bought a copy from him directly. It is worth reading for anyone who still believes that the drug companies, or the ConMed-NHS establishment, gives a damn about your health.

However, I now notice that his book is now available on the internet, and that it can be downloaded, free of charge. But can I recommend that you do send a small donation to him.

The book demonstrates very clearly the long-term dangers of ConMed drugs, still affecting people decades after they took them, in good faith. It also shows how the medical establishment knows about the dangerousness of drugs, but does nothing to protect patients.

Even now, it would seem, the doctors we trust are still quite willing to prescribe these same, dangerous drugs to patients, long, long after they have been shown to be worthless, and best avoided.

For anyone who has suffered, and is suffering from these drugs, homeopathy can sometimes 'antidote' the harmful DIEs of ConMed drugs, and I would recommend consulting a homeopath about this possibility (see to find a homeopath local to you).