Friday, 21 January 2011

The downfall of science and the rise of intellectual tyranny

If science is seen to support and underlay Big Pharma (and their noxious, toxic drugs), it is 'science' and its reputation that has the most to lose.

The very reputation of so-called "science" has been irreparably damaged by the invocation of the term "science" by GMO lackeys, pesticide pushers, mercury advocates and fluoride poisoners who all claim to have science on their side. It seems that every toxin, contamination and chemical disaster that now infects our planet has been evangelized in the name of "science."

Where "science" used to be highly regarded in the 1950's, today the term is largely exploited by pharmaceutical companies
, biotech giants and chemical companies to push their own for-profit agendas. Actual science has little to do with the schemes now being pushed under the veil of science.

To make matters even worse for the sciences, many so-called "science bloggers
" have been revealed to have financial ties to the very same companies whose profits are shored up by their activities (

Rather than defending any sort of scientific truth, science bloggers have become the internet 
whores of Big Pharma, Monsanto, pesticide manufacturers, chemical companies and toxic mercury factories. There's hardly a dangerous chemical in widespread use today that the science bloggers haven't venomously defended as safe and effective. Many are just blatantly paid off by corporate entities to run around the internet pushing GMOs, chemicals and vaccines.

The Natural News article goes on - and I wish that I could claim credit for this article. As many readers of this blog will know, this blog has been littered with so-called 'science' bloggers since it began. Homeopaths call them homeopathy deniers - because they don't want you to know how effective homeopathy is. The Black Duck, Stephanie, Jerome - all of them - speaking as though what they are saying is 'scientific'. It is not. They speak for these industries, and are probably paid by them through their PR companies. They talk about 'evidence based medicine' which in truth has become the 2nd or 3rd biggest killer in the western, industrialised world.

Please read the whole Natural News article, it is certainly worth the effort. If real science is to be saved we all need to know what this article is telling us.