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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Veterinary medicine and Avian Flu. What good is it if it has to kill the patients? Mass slaughter is not medicine!

For many chicken farmers and free range egg producers, the current outbreak of Avian Flu has been, or might become, a financial disaster. For many chickens it has already been a living disaster, with the threat of slaughter hanging over every flock in Britain.

I wrote about this situation in December 2016, "Avian flu, a new epidemic. What can conventional medicine do?" when the current outbreak occurred. In this blog I described the despair and hopelessness of the conventional medical approach to the situation. Today, two months later the situation continues for those farmers in what are considered to be 'at risk' areas, with the prospect of their 'free-range' eggs no longer being saleable as such.

As I outlined in this blog, homeopathy has simple and inexpensive answers to avian flu. Yet the government's veterinary service has not taken it up, it has not even looked at it. It is conventional drug-based medicine, or nothing!

My amazement at the situation continues. Flu? A terrible disease necessitating keeping flocks indoors, and slaughtering them all if a single bird contracts it. Even killing the single bird is unnecessary! The mass slaughter of entire flocks? Unforgivable.

Recently, I heard a BBC radio programme discussing the situation. Someone said they were looking for strains of chicken that would prove to be more resistant to flu.

Good idea? Perhaps it is, if veterinary medicine really thinks that avian flu is a serious condition. But just how are they setting about this task?

Let's take another similar situation, involving trees. I have written about "Ash Die-Back. Can Homeopathy Help?" back in November 2012. The disease initially stunts the trees, and to stop the spread, felling is the favoured option. Yet even in this situation, tree's that remain free of die-back are not felled. They are the trees that are more resistant. They have more natural immunity to the disease so they are left, hopefully to generate the next generations of Ash trees.

So what happens to bird flocks? They are ALL culled. If one contracts flu, everyone is slaughtered - the most susceptible alongside the immune, the very birds who would be able to produce the next generation of flu-free birds! It is truly a crazy medical system. A failing medical system.

Remember that veterinary medicine kills badgers because it has no answer to TB in cattle. "Killing Badgers and TB". And veterninary medicine does the same when cattle go down with 'Foot and Mouth'.

All this is based on a medical system that does not have any answers to even the simplest of animal diseases.