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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fake health news. Junk health news. Censorship. Hundreds of thousands autistic children since 2004, and the 'Free Press' is culpable

There is no health debate being carried on within the mainstream media, our so-called 'Free Press'.
  • Millions of people die every year directly from pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. 
  • Chronic disease has been increasing rampantly during the decades conventional medicine has become the dominant form of medicine available to us. 
  • Every year our health services fail to cope with the demands made on them by patients who are becoming sicker.
Yet when the NHS enters yet another annual winter crisis the only response is 
  • "We want more of what we have!".
  • "Let's invest even more in yet more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines".
  • "Drugs and vaccines are scientifically proven to save lives".
There can be, and will be no real debate about health care issues until such time that people are informed, openly and honestly, about what is happening, and in this, our news media is failing. Indeed it has palpably failed for the last 70 years, and more particularly over the last 20 years.

               "The mainstream media continues peddling its “fake news” narrative like a desperate pusher whose junkies are dying from his toxic dope. It’s slowly dawning on the media-consuming public that the MSM is the primary purveyor of “fake news”– self-referential narratives that support a blatantly slanted agenda with unsupported accusations and suitably anonymous sources."

So says 'The Daily Sheep', one of the alternative newspapers that has grown from a growing feeling and realisation that the mainstream media is not telling us the truth. Donald Trump has brought the concept of 'Fake News' to the forefront of the political debate in the USA. The Daily Sheepie gives us an example.

               "Many of these Fake News Narratives are laughably, painfully bogus: that President Trump is a Russian tool, to take a current example."

Certainly, the debate about Trump's relationship with Russia has dominated the news, and it is puzzling what 'good relations' between two countries should be a problem. On the other hand, it is equally puzzling what Trump should be annoyed that the press suggested that more people attended Obama's inauguration than his.

So we have a situation where the political 'right' are accusing the 'left' of generating false news, and vice versa. Politics was once about debating issues. Now there appears to be little debate because neither side is listening to, or accepting what the other is saying. It is the politics of the mute. And the public is becoming increasingly confused, not knowing what to believe.

It is the mainstream media that should be informing us, distinguishing fact from fiction, supporting views and opinions with balanced argument, and presenting this for their public to make up their minds! Only in this way can people make an informed choice about how to cast their vote, where to obtain their health care, and much else. The Daily Sheepie again

               "But the real danger isn’t fake news - it’s junk news. Junk News ..... is related to Junk Science and Junk Food. Junk science is presented as “science” but cherry-picks data to support a specific but unstated agenda - an agenda that requires downplaying or overlooking conflicting data.
One common example of junk science is the approval of new medications by the FDA. If you actually dig into Phase III data, you may well find that the “benefits” of the new wonder-drug are barely above statistical chance, and the potential interactions with commonly prescribed (or imbibed) drugs are ignored. This is how we end up with medications with an unfortunate side-effect: death from misadventure, addiction, in combination with other commonly prescribed meds, etc."

This blog has focused on this problem for several years. The mainstream media have become the willing lackeys of the conventional medical establishment, especially the pharmaceutical industry. I stopped buying 'liberal' newspapers, like the Guardian, the Independent and the Observer in the mid-2000's for this very reason, and this trend has continued with many colleagues, friends and acquaintances doing the same thing. The demise of the newspaper industry is not entirely due to television and the social media!
  • We are told that new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are wonder cures that will transform our lives, and our ability to treat illness and disease.
  • We are told that the side effects and adverse reactions of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are a minor and necessary part of medical treatment (if we are told about them at all).
  • We are told that conventional medicine is overcoming disease, and that it is the reason for us all living longer.
  • We are told that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are so good we all need to be required, or even forced to take them if we want to work, or send our children to school.
  • And any alternative medical therapy, like homeopathy, is routinely rubbished in the mainstream media, with no right of reply, nor any attempt at providing any semblance of balance.

Yet junk news is not the worst aspect of the mainstream media's treatment of health issues. It is downright censorship! 
  • Pharmaceutical companies are taken to court, convicted, and fines are imposed because they have been found to have behaved dishonestly, fraudulently.
  • Studies that raise serious questions about the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are rarely, if ever, published.
  • People who have suffered from the severe, even lethal side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are not allowed to tell the story of what has happened to them.
  • The vaccine court in the USA pays out vast amounts in compensation to vaccine damaged children.
Censorship is the absolute refusal of media organisations to inform us about vital health news and developments. The kind of news, outlined above, might certainly have an impact on the decisions we would make about our own health care treatment - if only we knew about it!

Yet the worst example of media censorship is happening right now, at the very moment. It concerns the MMR vaccine, its links to the Autism epidemic, and the film VAXXED which has been produced to tell the public what our media refuses to tell them. I have written about it before.
What this censorship means is that parents have been vaccinating their children in the belief that the vaccines are safe, and that there is no connection with autism. This is what we have been told by doctors, by the entire conventional medical establishment, by drug regulators, by governments - and by the mainstream media

What this means is that hundreds of thousands of children are now autistic, at least in part, as a direct result of press and media censorship.

Indeed, the mainstream media is as culpable of this dreadful crime as any medical scientist who has faked vaccine trials, any doctor that has prescribed harmful vaccines, every medical professional whose task appears to have been to deceive us, any government who has endorsed these vaccines, for whatever reason.
  • Perhaps this is why they continue to refuse to publish what is happening.
  • Perhaps this is why the makers of VAXXED is finding it difficult to find a cinema willing to show the film.
  • Perhaps this is why the homeopathy college has been ejected from premises they have used for decades because they dared show the film.
  • Perhaps this is why the university that awarded the degrees conferred on graduates of the college are under pressure to stop awarding them.
This modern day censorship is as bad as any censorship of any 17th and 18th century monarchy, of any modern-day dictatorships in the third world. Once, the press fought for its independence, and its right to inform the public. Now, at at the heart of this censorship is our 'free' press. Free from government, maybe. But certainly not free from the world of Big Corp, especially Big Pharma.