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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The History of Big Pharma (Video)

There are a variety of videos, now freely available on YouTube, and other platforms., packed full of evidence and information that shows just how Big Pharma are controlling and dominating our society with drugs that are both useless and dangerous, and how they have been establishing their position for many centuries, but particularly in the last 100 years.

This film is excellent. It is called "Toddlers on Amphetamines. The History of Big Pharma and the major players". It is three hours long, so not a video you did into.

I recommend that you find time to look at it. The information informs us about what we face today when we ask for health freedom, for patient choice, and the ability to use safe and effective medical therapies.

An then, when you have watched this video, move on to this one. It is only 3 minutes long! It is a trailer for a film about homeopathy, 'Just One Drop', but in that short time it demonstrates how powerful homeopathy is, and how different it is both in terms of safety and effectiveness, to the medicine we receive from Big Pharma when we go to our conventional doctors, and our conventional hospitals. There is one powerful difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine.