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Monday, 20 February 2017

Fibromyalgia. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Myalgic Encephalmyelitis (ME). Three names but no recognition?

An illness that has three names, but little (certainly inadequate) recognition. It has a fourth name too. It is what used to be called 'Yuppie Flu'. It is an illness with many symptoms, including poor memory and/or concentration, depression, pain in joints and muscles (myalgia), eye pain and headaches, recurring sore throat, extreme and prolonged exhaustion, nausea, stomach pain, night sweats and un-refreshing sleep.

CFS, or ME, has been controversial for over 30 years! Were the symptoms real, or all in the mind? Was it a convenient conditions for 'yuppies', posh, upwardly mobile people, to get time off work. Many conventional doctors certainly thought so! One of the problems they had was that there was no treatment for the condition, and according to the NHS Choices website, there still isn't!

               "There's no medication available to treat CFS specifically, but different medicines may be used to relieve some of the symptoms of the condition."

Have you noticed how conventional doctors have a habit of telling us that we are well when we feel sick? And sick when we feel well?

  • We feel well, but our blood pressure is high, or low; we feel well by our cholesterol count is high. So we are not well at all, we are wrong, we need pharmaceutical drugs!
  • We feel ill, but we are wrong. It is all in the mind. We are faking illness.
The difference appears to be whether medical doctors have a treatment available. High cholesterol, take Statins, it makes no difference is you feel well! ME? Nonsense! There's no treatment for that, we don't recognise it. So you are putting it on!

More recently patient power has insisted that there is something wrong, and that doctors must pay attention to them. So gradually the condition was recognised, however reluctantly. So what does conventional medicine have to offer?
  • Painkillers, if there is any pain
  • Antidepressants, if you feel depressed
Otherwise, nothing, other than 'lifestyle' advice (relax, avoid stressful situations, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and sweeteners, avoid any food and drink you're sensitive to, eat small regular meals to help reduce nausea, do not sleep or nap excessively, as this makes sleeping problems worse!

Yet there is cognitive behavioural therapy, a talking therapy that, according to NHS Choices, "can help you manage CFS by changing the way you think and behave". In other words, it is a condition that exists in the mind. Perhaps it is no longer dismissed as 'yuppie flu', but according to conventional medicine, it is still part of our psychology!

Yet wait, there is now a study, described by the magazine 'What Doctor's Don't Tell You' (WDDTY), that has found that CFS sufferers are not getting the proper treatment. 

               "The standard approach these days is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - known as the ‘talking therapy’, which implies the problem is mainly in the sufferer’s head - but this is based on a landmark study whose results were falsified..... The ... study had concluded in 2011 that 61% of sufferers were getting well on CBT and exercise - but the numbers who really benefited had been inflated three-fold by researchers. The ... researchers were forced to reveal the study data following a freedom of information request from CFS sufferers. The request went to appeal after the research team, based at the Queen Mary University of London, had refused to accept the first ruling, and spent £200,000 on legal fees to fight the demand."

It will be no surprise to regular readers of this blog that medical research has been 'falsified'. It is a regular feature of the practice of conventional medicine. In the WDDTY article, Dr David Tuller, University of California at Berkeley, is quoted as saying that the data “proves that the researchers have been hiding the real story all along.” It is worse than this! It means that once more the conventional medical establishment has no treatment for this serious, debilitating and often long-lasting condition.

NHS Choices, for once, actually mentions "complementary therapies". And they again show that the truth is a rare bedfellow for conventional medicine!

               "Although some people with CFS have reported improvements from complementary therapies, there's little evidence to suggest they're effective for the condition. This means their use isn't usually recommended for CFS."

No, indeed, let's ensure that the monopoly of conventional medicine is left unchallenged! 

Homeopathy has been treating CFS, M.E, and Fibromyalgia for as long as the condition has existed. There are a number of important remedies that are known to treat the condition, and lots of patients who have been treated successfully, and there are several scientific studies that have demonstrated their efficacy, all conveniently ignored by NHS Choices.

So ignore the dishonesty of the conventional medical establishment, and instead compare what homeopathy has to offer on my "Why Homeopathy? website.