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Friday 10 February 2017

Medical Failure and Health Freedom. Why is the Pharmaceutical Industry involved in Fraud, Corruption, Cover-Up and Censorship?

'Just One Drop' is a new documentary film about Homeopathy. You can see the powerful trailer here. I look forward to seeing the final film. The world premier will be in London pm 6th April 2017, and thereafter available on licence for public screenings. Anyone wishing to donate towards the completion of the film should go to this link. Anyone who wants to spread the word, please pass on this blog to their friends.

The film is likely to face the same kind of prejudice and ignorance that "Vaxxed: from cover up to catastrophe" has faced over the last year and more. I blogged about another 'censored' film, "Man Made Epidemic" which met similar opposition. The Medical Fundamentalists, from Sense about Science,and other so-called 'scientific' bodies, funded for by the Pharmaceutical industry, do not want people to see these film, and they will do everything in their power to stop us.

The serious and ongoing blockade of Dr Andrew Wakefield’s film, "Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe" shows the lengths to which the supporters of medical science will go. The film still awaits in first showing in London because of blatant censorship. They seek to do so by continuing the  campaign to discredit Wakefield, and to cover-up the serious fraud penetrated by the CDC about the Vaccine-Autism link. I have written before about this fraudulant CDC activity.

     The MMR-Autism Controversy, and the dishonesty of Medical 'Science'

     Autism IS caused by MMR vaccine. Evidence of 'no connection' was fraudulent medical science.

     MMR Vaccine, Autism, and the silence and culpability of the Political, Medical and Media Establishment

It is quite amazing that people, who purport to be medical scientists, can have such closed minds to people knowing about this information, that they prefer to side with dishonesty, and seek to undermine freedom of speech, argue for censorship, and defend the corrupt and fraudulent activities of the pharmaceutical industry.

One of their number, Ben Goldacre, has already recognised the extent of this corruption and fraud within conventional medicine in his book, "Bad Pharma: how medicine is broken, and how we can fix it"

Goldacre recognised that medical science does not meet the standards of real science. It is a science bought and paid for by the powerful and influential pharmaceutical industry, which is undoubtedly funding the medical fundamentalists, and 'encouraging' them to defend vaccines, and the fraudulent science that supports them, and undermining Homeopathy, a medical therapy that has real science to supports it, as the 'Just One Drop' film is going to outline.

  • Homeopathy now has over 220 years of successful clinical practice.
  • The successful outcome of homeopathic treatment over the whole field of illness and disease is beyond any rational doubt.
  • And now that there are over 400 scientific studies into homeopathy it is impossible for any real scientist to dismiss it on the basis that 'there is no evidence', the mantra of medical fundamentalists like Goldacre.

All this demonstrates that conventional medical science is not driven by facts, by science, but by the ignorance and prejudice perpetuated by powerful vested interests.

Goldacre believes that medical science can be fixed. This seems to be a triumph of hope over experience, and certainly there is little sign that it is being fixed in the 4-5 years since he wrote his book. Instead there is every sign that the medical fundamentalists have no interest in fixing it. Instead, the conventional medical establishment is involving itself in cover-ups, in media censorship, and an attack not just on freedom of speech, but informed consent, patient choice, and health freedom.

Does Goldacre, Sense about Science, and any other medical fundamentalist, really believe that medical science will be 'fixed' by preventing people getting to know about the fraudulent science of the CDC? Do theybelieve that censoring a film that uncovers the cover-up about the Vaccine-Autism is scientific?

All the films mentioned here, and indeed many more, will be shown. 'Vaxxed' has already been shown in many USA cities. It is being shown now in Europe, including a showing at the European Parliament, and the first London showing is imminent. Censorship is a short term strategy that is always counter-productive. I have just done an internet search and 'Vaxxed' is available to anyone who wishes to view it, although I recommend that you pay to view it through the official website.

Nothing based on lies, or privilege, or vested interests has ever been able to sustain itself. The information contained in 'Vaxxed', and in 'Just a Drop' WILL become public knowledge. When it does those who have sought to censor, to misinform, to cover-up, will not only lose the argument, it will lose public confidence.

If Big Pharma has to admit that vaccine cause autism it will be a disaster, not only for MMR, not only for vaccines, but for all their drugs. So they cannot afford to allow us to know. This is why they are fighting so hard to stop us finding out. Such tactics are the last refuge of failure - failed drugs, failed vaccines, and the failure of an entire medical system.

The truth will out! It always does.