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Monday, 29 February 2016

HPV (Gardasil) vaccine. The most dangerous yet?

Perhaps the HPV vaccine has a lot of competition, but is the Gardasil, Cervarix vaccines the most dangerous to be imposed on us by the conventional medical establishment? 

Perhaps. But maybe the real problem is that this vaccine is given to strong healthy girls, who have proven their wellness and fitness for more than 10 years. Then, our lovely daughters were given the vaccine, and so often, their lives have been destroyed. 

In contrast to this, the DPT and MMR vaccines are given to very young babies and children. Parents might have thought they were normal during the first months of their lives, but perhaps they were mistaken. Perhaps they were not normal, and it was only after the vaccination that the 'abnormality' was noticed.

Just as the pharmaceutical companies had problems denying the outcome of Thalidomide, it is difficult for them to deny the dreadful consequences of taking the HPV vaccine.

And the flu vaccine is often given to older people, or people with respiratory problems. They might get ill after the vaccine, but they might have done anyway. And besides, our doctor, who we trust implicitly, told us that the vaccine was very safe! Who are we to question his judgement?

Yet this does not stop the pharmaceutical industry pushing the HPV vaccine, or governments throughout the world seeking to force it on us. For instance, the Australian government is trying to force our daughters to 'protect themselves' from cervical cancer, and giving their doctors financial incentives to do so. They are doing so as this is an important 'public health' measure. Well, we have heard it all before!

Yet, as Judy Wilyman reminds us, most infectious diseases had declined long before vaccines were introduced. It was basic health measures like better hygiene, clean water, improved diet and decent housing that contained them. Yet the Australian government is planning to expand vaccination to all individuals, with a schedule scanning from birth to death, and including the HPV vaccine. And new bio-security laws introduced in 2014 include forced vaccinations, or arrest in declared pandemics of infectious diseases. It is a land of milk and honey for drugs companies, but could herald the end of health freedom and patient choice.

Some governments have learnt from their mistake. The Japanese government, for instance, placed a moratorium on the use of HPV vaccine in 2014, and many other countries are considering similar action. Judy provides us with the following websites. 

Yet in truth there are a myriad of websites that speak volumes about the harm the HPV vaccine has caused - in statistical terms, in terms of the various ailments it has caused, from convulsions to paralysis, and most harrowingly of all, in terms of the sheer trauma and devastation caused to young girls, and their families. (For more information on this evidence, and a selection of websites, go to my previous blog, 'HPV vaccine. We need to protect our daughters from this').

So let's look at the conclusions reached on the harm caused by the HPV vaccine in this study, which looked at the latest information, and examined available epidemiological studies. This is the 'plain language' account given on the Med Check: the informed prescriber website.

          "Two HPV vaccines (Cervarix and Gardasil) have been marketed in Japan since 2010. More than 3 million girls were inoculated with HPV vaccines prior to the withdrawal of a recommendation for inoculation by the Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) in May 2013. 

          "Incidence of serious adverse reactions to Cervarix was 800 among 2.6 million girls inoculated (one in 3000 before withdrawal of the recommendation), while the incidence increased to 3.2% per year after the retraction, using the latest data (3,200 cases per 100,000 person years or one in 30 per year). This is similar to the frequency of serious adverse events within 1.2 years after the first vaccination (annual rate of 2.8%) reported in a well-controlled clinical study of Cervarix. In this study, annual incidence of serious reactions, autoimmune diseases and death after 3.4 years comparing with those between 1.2 and 3.4 years was estimated as 4%, 0.63% and more than one per thousand respectively. These incidence rates may also occur in Japan."  

          "The epidemiologic surveys that the MHLW used as evidence of safety have serious flaws in their methodologies. One study confuses incidence (newly occurred disease among a certain population at a certain point of time) with prevalence. The other two studies have a serious bias known as the “healthy vaccinee effects”. Those vaccinated are usually healthier than those non-vaccinated, because the latter group avoid vaccines due to health problems."

          "While there is no evidence yet that HPV vaccine decreases mortality from cervical cancer, if we assume that the vaccine could cut the cervical cancer mortality by half, the expected maximum benefit would be 2.0 less deaths per 100,000 person-years. Hence, the harm experienced is overwhelmingly greater than the expected maximum benefit."

We strongly recommend avoiding HPV vaccine.

I leave you with this devastating conclusion about a vaccine the conventional medical establishment is trying to force on us all, of course, with the assistance of compliant governments throughout the world.