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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Statin drugs. Now, doctors, are they still 'entirely safe?'

Statin drugs are being taken by many millions of patients (over 12 million patients in Britain alone), all of whom have been told they are in danger of heart disease. They take them on the basis that their doctors have told them they are 'entirely safe'!

Everyone, perhaps with the exception of the conventional medical establishment, should now know that they are not safe. They are a danger to our  health. They cause cataracts, diabetes, depression, muscle pain, fatigue, memory loss, kidney damage, liver dysfunction, neurological damage, migraines and digestive problems. Our doctors do know this, unless they are asleep on the job! But do they bother to tell us?

But now Statins have been found to cause more harm. They can cause heart disease - the very problem we have been prescribed them in the first place! In  other words, they actually cause the problem they are supposed to prevent!

Research published in the medical journal, 'Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology', has shown that patients taking statin drugs are more likely to suffer from the hardening of arteries, which is a leading cause of heart disease. They also found that statins have a negative effect on vital body processes that are linked to the hear, and can cause, or worsen, heart failure. Dr Okuyama, of Nagoya City University, Japan, said:

          "We have collected a wealth of information on cholesterol and statins from many published papers and find overwhelming evidence that these drugs accelerate hardening of the arteries and can cause, or worsen, heart failure. I cannot find any evidence to support people taking statins and patients who are on them should stop." 

More, the research says that the hypothesis that statin drugs protect the heart by lowering cholesterol is flawed, and that the 'high cholesterol' - heart disease link does not exist! Strange that, given that our doctors have been taking our cholesterol levels for decades on the basis of high cholesterol leads to  heart disease!

It is yet another occasions when medical science has proven to be entirely unreliable. In other words, it is regularly telling us lies in order to sell pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Dr Malcolm Kendrick, who has done extensive studies on heart health and statins, has been quoted as follows:

          "This study demolishes the argument that these drugs should be prescribed to anyone, as the harms clearly outweigh any previously suggested benefits."

These Statin drugs may well become the biggest drug scandal of all, not just because of the harm it is now known to cause, not just because doctors have been telling us they are 'entirely safe', but also because their promotion has been conducted on the basis of 'scientific research'.

Yet, who is going to tell the 12 million people who are taking statins, in Britain alone, about this?  Have you seen anything in the mainstream media about this research? Have you heard any warnings from the National Health Service? Has NICE changed its advice about the treatment of heart disease, and the use of statins? Has your doctor mentioned it to you?

Some doctors have done so. Dr Peter Langsjoen, a heart specialist based in Texas, is quoted as saying:

          "Statins are being used so aggressively and in such large numbers of people that the adverse effects are now becoming obvious. These drugs should never have been approved for use. The long-term effects are devastating."

But the conventional medical establishment, as usual, keeps to their standard response when pharmaceutical drugs are found to be harming patients. A spokesman for the Britain's drug regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are reported as saying that the benefits of statins are considered to outweigh the risk of any side effects in the majority of patients.

The organisation, Cholesterol Truth, says that "there is no way with all the evidence mounting against these drugs that they will be able to keep this scandal under wraps for much longer".

I fear that they may be wrong. The conventional medical establishment is well practiced at doing this. And if we look at the situation from their point of view, perhaps we can understand why this is.

  • Drug companies, medical science, the NHS, and our doctors have been telling us that statin drugs are 'entirely safe' for decades. Will they now all admit that they were wrong? 
  • Drug regulators throughout the world have told us that statin drugs are safe and effective, and allowed millions of patients to take them on this basis. Will they now all admit that they were wrong?
  • The mainstream media, including 'public service' broadcasters like the BBC, have been content to parrot pharmaceutical propaganda for these drugs, and have rarely if ever told us about any connection with cataracts, diabetes, depression, muscle pain, fatigue, memory loss, kidney damage, liver dysfunction, neurological damage, migraines, digestive problems or heart disease. Will they now want to admit that they have been asleep on the job?
No-one likes to admit that they are wrong. No-one wants to admit that their professional advice, over many decades, has been so drastically wrong that it has led to untold and unknown amounts of disease and death for so many patients.

Conventional medicine is a scam. It should not be considered a medical system, it is a disease-inducing system. It does not offer treatment or cures (certainly none that are long-lasting or permanent), it offers ill-health, disease and death. It maintains itself through political and media influence, through its control of bought, 'cheque-book' science that is aimed towards selling drugs and vaccines, not our health.

When people realise just how harmful statin drugs have been to our health, it is likely that the entire edifice of the conventional medical establishment will fall. There are too many, to powerful vested interests to allow this to happen, to permit honesty and openness to prevail. Conventional medicine will continue to impose censorship on what we are told about their drugs and vaccines for a very long time to come.