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Friday, 4 March 2016

Zika Virus, Microcephaly, and another new vaccine

On 26th February 2016, I published this blog, "Zika Virus. Are we being told the truth?".  It raised several questions, soon after the Brazilian outbreak of microcephaly was first announced to the world.

  • How could Zika virus, known for so long as being benign, suddenly begin to cause an epidemic of Microcephaly?
  • And as Microcephaly was found in places (like the USA and Britain), where there is no Zika virus, how could it be considered to be causal.
The blog put forward the undisputed fact that all pregnant women had received a form of the DPT vaccine, a mandatory inoculation, only months before the outbreak in Brazil occurred. Since that time this suggestion of has not gone away. Indeed, more details about this more likely, more logical explanation can be found here.

Other possibilities, such as the local release of GMO mosquitos in the epidemic area, have been put forward too. One of the most recent theories was suggested by Jon Rappoport, in his blog, "Leaked report: petrochemical pollution causes microcephaly".

So, has this sudden epidemic of Microcephalic children in Brazil been caused by any of these factors?And has the conventional medical established bothered to look into these alternative suggestions?

In short, no, they have not looked at them. But they have undoubtedly been busy! According to the news this morning (4th March 2016), the pharmaceutical industry have already fast-tracked another new vaccine - to combat the Zika virus.

The mainstream media appeared to be delighted! Certainly BBC News was singing their praises. Vaccines, they said, usually take several years to develop. Now, a vaccine against the Zika virus has taken just a few weeks to produce. How brilliant is this? So what exactly has this achievement been?
  • The cause of Microcephaly has been determined, and any alternative explanations have been discussed, without examination or reflection!
  • The drug companies have come up with a new vaccine, in double quick time!
  • The media has, as usual, accept the conventional medical explanation without query or examination!
  • The new vaccine to combat Zika, and could be available, presumably for pregnant women, perhaps alongside the mandatory DPT vaccine, by the end of the year!
So is this great news? Or just another lucrative business opportunity for Big Pharma?
  • If the DPT vaccine was the cause, the solution would have been inexpensive (but costly for the drug companies) - stop forcing women to have the vaccination!
  • If the GMO mosquitos were the cause, don't release any more, again, inexpensive, but costly for the company producing them!
  • If Petrochemical pollution is causing microcephaly, clean it up, inexpensive for the medical authorities, but costly for the petrochemical industry.
And of course, if these alternative explanations had been found to be the cause of the epidemic, the new vaccine, the new business opportunity for the Pharma industry would be lost. Fast-tracking the vaccine would have been an unnecessary and expensive error, 

So it is important for the conventional medical establishment to continue to blame the Zika virus in order to allow the drug companies to profit.
  • It may not stop more babies being born with microcephaly! 
  • It might be an expensive vaccine for the medical authorities to buy!
  • There may be limited time to assess the safety of the new vaccine!
But what the hell, and who cares anyway. The conventional medical establishment is, after all, not about our health. It is about their profits! And once again, the media does not care, so we are unlikely to be told anything other than that Zika is a dangerous virus. So there is very little to worry about. Is there?