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Thursday 25 February 2016

500,000 deaths per year? Is this even a problem?

In my blog "An epidemic of misinformed doctors and patients" a devastating statistic was quoted - that in the USA and Europe alone, half a million people were being killed each year by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, given to us by conventional doctors to make us better!

I also quoted a BBC presenter (Mishal Husain), who was questioning Dr Assem Malhotra, the doctor who used this statistic, who commented,

          "Drug companies, and others, would say there was always a risk when you take medication"

I have since been wondering in what other field of human activity such a glib response would emanate from the BBC, and our mainstream media outlets?

          "500,000 people are killed each year in this conflict".

Would such a conflict be ignored, passed off as though these people were just 'collateral damage'?

          "500,000 people are killed each year by on our roads".

Would this carnage be dismissed, passed off because of the importance of the haulage industry?

Yet because people are given drugs and vaccines by the pharmaceutical industry, on the pretext of making them better, it would appear that it can be readily discounted!

And as the deaths are caused by conventional doctors, who work on the Hippocratic principle of 'first, do no harm', our media, including our 'public service broadcaster', feels there is nothing worthy of further investigation!

The 500,000 figure is undoubtedly a gross underestimate. It does not include the illness and disease caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, routinely dismissed as 'side effects'. It does not take into consideration that in reporting side effects it is well known, and accepted, that only 10% are ever acknowledged. Does this mean that the figure of deaths could be as high as 5 million deaths per year.

It is quite a remarkable situation that our mainstream media does not believe this situation to be worthy of further investigation. Dr Malhotra did not appear to make the evening news. There appears to be nothing in today's news that there is any further interest.

Yet presumably people are still being given, and taking the drugs and vaccines that are killing them in huge numbers, every year. RIP? Certainly it would appear they have to rest in silence!