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Monday, 29 February 2016

Pharma companies bribe health staff to prescribe drugs and vaccines?

"Pharmaceutical companies are bribing NHS officials in Britain to use their drugs within the NHS. So reported the Daily Telegraph on 27th July 2015., and discussed in my blog, "Drug Companies bribing NHS officials to sell their drugs".

On 16th February 2016, the Telegraph reported that "Ministers launch urgent inquiry into NHS officials' second jobs at drugs firms"

          "This newspaper has revealed that more than 130 NHS officials involved in assessing which drugs are given to patients are also acting as paid consultants to pharmaceutical companies. Scores of health service staff, most of whom are managers or other senior officials, are receiving generous fees to sit on “advisory boards” for drugs firms whose products they are responsible for considering on behalf of the NHS."

The Telegraph goes on to report that Alistair Burt, the health minister, stated: 

          “These are very serious allegations – an urgent investigation is under way and action will be taken against any NHS staff attempting to influence purchasing decisions in return for payment, gifts or hospitality."

Such a statement is long overdue from a government minister. It adds yet another strata to the deception and fraud to which the UK's National Health Service (NHS) has been subjected to over the years. The findings of the Telegraph enquiry are quite clear and very specific.

  • NHS managers can earn up to £1,250 per day advising pharmaceutical firms on selling their products to the NHS, in addition to flights and hotel costs for “meetings” held abroad.
  • Three officials at one CCG, Luton, were flown separately to a German spa town for paid advisory board meetings. In December the industry regulator found that the company, Stirling Anglian, had lavished “unacceptable” levels of hospitality on NHS officials.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is spending £30 million a year employing officials and doctors as consultants, and another £10 million sponsoring their attendance at events. In total, 138 officials responsible for advising or making decisions on drugs adopted by the NHS were found to have been receiving payments from pharmaceutical firms, based on financial links that were formally registered.
Initially, these claims were denied by NHS managers, but such was the detail of the information the Telegraph provided, the NHS has now had to agree to investigate the allegations. The Telegraph even mentions on NHS manager by name, and mentioned how he had tried to justify the allegations against him.

So what does this mean for patients of the NHS? During the last 70 years, the NHS has been increasingly dominated by medical treatment based on pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. These drugs and vaccines have long been known to be dangerous, to the extent that it has been estimated that over 500,000 patients die in Europe and the USA every year. This figure itself probably a severe underestimate of the real number of patients routinely killed by conventional medicine every year, and the amount of illness and disease caused by them, and dismissed as 'side effects'. Yet nothing has been done to stop it!

This raises the important question - why this is happening? And why it has been allowed to happen, so consistently, over decades!

The answer to this question is now becoming clearer. 

The conventional medical establishment is based on deception and fraud.
  • The government, and the Department of Health, have either been aware of this, and done nothing about it, or they have been asleep on their job. The UK government, of course, have many reasons for supporting the pharmaceutical industry, which is a major investor in Britain. Presumably these broader economic benefits outweigh the harm being done to patients.
  • The NHS, as this investigation highlights, is too close to the drug companies. The drug companies are prepared to spend £millions to make sure that NHS managers spend £billions on their drugs and vaccines, regardless of the harm it does to patients.
  • The MHRA (the UK's drug regulator) and NICE (which produces guidance on health technology and clinical practice) have both been similarly infiltrated by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure 'compliance' with their financial objectives, rather than the health and well-being of patients.
  • Doctors and health practitioners have also been subjected to the same kind of financial 'incentives' by the pharmaceutical companies to ensure that their drugs are used, even when they are known to cause harm, disease and death.
The Telegraph must be congratulated on this investigation. They have filled in one more important part of the comprehensive 'marketing' strategy of the pharmaceutical industry, and they have convinced the government that it needs to investigate these allegations.

Yet, the silence of the media, over the years, has been an important element in the ongoing dominance of the pharmaceutical industry within the NHS. The board directors of pharmaceutical companies, and the board directors of the large media corporations have been interspersed and interwoven! The media industry is in decline, and their dependence on Big Pharma has been used to ensure that only 'good' news is published about their drugs and vaccines.

In all these situations it is the individual patient who has lost out. We have been told to take this drug, or that vaccine, on the basis that they were safe medications that would benefit our health. However, as time goes on
  • it is becoming clearer that the biggest beneficiary of this 'medication' is the fraudulent pharmaceutical companies.
  • and the biggest losers are the patients who have accepted what they have been told by the conventional medical establishment.
Yet, none of this should come as a complete surprise to anyone in the British government! In July 2005, the House of Commons Health Committee produced a 126 page report on "The influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry". Anyone can read it! The report examined the influence that the pharmaceutical industry upon the practice of medicine and healthcare in the UK. It was ignored at the time, and it continues to be ignored. The consequence of ignoring it is discussed here in this Dr Rath Health Foundation article by Paul Anthony Taylor

His assessment suggests that there are important questions remaining! 
  • Have the people who have benefitted from being part of the conventional medical establishment discovered yet that the pharmaceutical game is up? Or can it just be ignored again? 
  • Is the corruption and fraud practiced by the drug companies over the years acceptable any longer? Or can this continue to be brushed aside, in the hope that we might forget about it again? 
  • Are the deaths, and the epidemics of chronic disease caused by conventional drugs and vaccines, acceptable any longer? Or will they continue because Big Pharma money is just too influential to stop it happening?
The alternative will be for our government, the department of health, our NHS, our doctors, and our mainstream media, to start informing us now, honestly and openly, about the damage caused to our health by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, particularly over the last 50-60 years?