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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy (6)

Just in case anyone feels I am being unkind, and unfair to ConMed when I say the drugs they use have little or nothing to offer cancer sufferers, please take a look at this:

It explains how new evidence shows that a drug, Mylotarg, launched in 2000 to treat cancer, has been found to kills four times more people than those who had no treatment at all! The drug is the latest to be withdrawn, after having been foisted on patients who believe, and are told, they will help them. As usual, after many years, we find that they actually do more harm than good, and actually contribute to their death.

This is proof that we need to look at non-ConMed treatments, safer, more effective, and less expensive treatments, and finally get our health out of the hands of the Big Pharma companies.