Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Statin drugs - another wonder drug ready to take a fall!

I wrote about Statin drugs on 31st May 2010. Many doctors have told us that these drugs were so good in preventing heart disease we should all be taking them! They were also supposed to be entirely safe. The usual story from the Conventional Medical Establishment, of course. But now, ABC News has reported that the Jupiter Trials that came up with this conclusion did not support the conclusion! What is being alleged with the Statin trials is that the drug was better, and safer than actually was the case.


All RCT trials on drugs (so beloved of ConMed and its supporters) produce raw data. This data has to be interpreted. So who does the interpretation? Scientists. And who pays the scientists? The drug companies.

So millions of people have been taking Statin drugs on the understanding that they were safe, and prevented heart attacks. Now, we know that they have been taking these drugs under false pretences.

This is not an unusual, one off situation. For more information about how information about drugs, their effectiveness and safety, are foisted on an unsuspecting public, look at

Medical Science. The failure to protect