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Friday 16 July 2010

Avandia - still on sale!

Avandia is a drug for diabetes which causes heart attacks! GlaxoSmithKline has had to pay $2.4b in compensation to patients it has harmed. According to this report from the mainstream media, the primary concern is the profitability of GSK, now and in the future - and not our health!

This is typical of media reporting; the drugs industry is of paramount concern, the health of patients a secondary matter.

There is strong evidence that GSK covered up the risks involved in patients taking this drug, as has been found in other drugs, like Vioxx and several others.

The FDA is the drug regulatory body in the USA tasked with ensuring that patients are protected from dangerous drugs. What is its response? The drug can continue to be sold!

Well, that's all okay then. Patients win lawsuits against Avandia. Our media is concerned about the profitability of GSK. And the FDA allows a dangerous drug to continue being given to patients!

Does this fill you with confidence about the Conventional Medical Establishment?

You may well ask - who protects us?