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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy (5)

The proof that homeopathy works is seen in its outcomes, its ability to make patients better. It is not within the narrow confines of the denialists view of science, based on Randomised Controlled Tests (RCT) that count with patients! It is what happen to sick people when they are treated - conventionally, homeopathically, et al.
This series of blogs has brought out the medical fundamentalists, the denialists, and the homeophobes! “There is no scientific proof” they scream, there is “no RCT evidence” They have said that “these stories are anecdotal”. And they do so just in case anyone diagnosed with cancer reads the testimony of the 3 contributors and prefers homeopathy to ConMed’s chemotherapy and radiation. They even claim that “it is dangerous for these people to make such claims”, that they are denying themselves, and others, the benefits of ConMed treatment!
But ConMed often makes similar ‘anecdotal claims, based on the evidence of individual patients, and do so in order to sell their noxious drugs and vaccines. Homeopaths do not attack them for doing so. There is room here for a careful consideration of the evidence, and some proper comparative analysis.
What the presentation of these cases demonstrate is that is potential in homeopathy for the treatment of people with cancer, and the extent of the denial that is endemic within ConMed Establishment. Indeed, medical fundamentalists will rather admit to making serious diagnostic mistakes than entertain the idea that homeopathy might have helped! Moreover, they will do so despite the fact that the three former patients themselves are convinced that they overcame cancer primarily because of homeopathy. 
It is frightening that such people, who like to call themselves ‘scientists’, do not even bother to keep an open mind. As Dana Ullman has said:
“The antagonists to homeopathy are threatened (philosophically, scientifically, economically), and their anger is deep because of this threat”.
What people need to understand is that there are many safer and more effective alternatives to ConMed treatment,for all disease, not just homeopathy, but techniques based on exercise, diet, life-style, attitudinal changes, and many other factors, from which the Big Pharma companies cannot make a profit.
However, of greater concern are the patients who are being, and will continue to be diagnosed with cancer. What options to they have? Within the NHS, they are routinely given just one option - ConMed treatment. Rarely, if ever, are alternatives offered to them. Indeed, anyone who chooses an alternative path are subject to criticism, and even ridicule. 
Central to this debate is patient choice, something the denialists are keen to avoid giving us within the NHS. This blog is committed to patient choice, and the availability of information about safe and effective treatments for all disease.