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Friday, 15 December 2017

Iatrogenic Disease. The disease and death inducing effects (DIE's) of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines

Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are the primary weaponry of conventional medicine for the treatment of all illness and disease, yet frequently they actually cause disease!

Although the conventional medical establishment accepts that all their drugs and vaccines cause ‘side-effects’ or ‘adverse reactions’ they always underplay or discount their real seriousness. Indeed to describe the harm caused some of these drugs as 'side-effects' or ‘adverse reactions’ is an understatement of enormous proportions.

The term 'side effects' does not adequately describe the damage that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can cause, and grossly underestimates the harm they can do to patients.

People take pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines because our doctors tell us they will make us better, help us overcome illness, and conquer disease. Unfortunately this is not the reality. People's lives can be fundamentally changed, sometimes destroyed, by the serious ill-health that can be caused as a direct consequence of taking pharmaceutial drugs and vaccines.

Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can create new diseases, often diseases far worse and more life-threatening, than the original condition for which they were given. And they can kill too! For instance:

Beta blocker drugs may lower blood pressure;mbut they are also known to cause diabetes, and increase the risk of death.

Statin drugs are said to protect against heart disease, and we have regularly been told that they are ‘entirely safe’. But this is just not true. They are now known to cause mental and neurological problems, kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, myoopathy, a muscle wasting disease called rhabdomyolysis, dementia and death.

Painkillers may temporarily deaden pain. But they are also now known to cause gastro-intestinal bleeding, renal failure, and heart failure, and they can cause death.

Antidepressant drugs are given to treat depression. But they are also known to cause severe birth defects if taken during pregnancy, they harm the immune system, they can cause liver failure, and diseases such as diabetes. Bizarrly, they are also known to cause mental health problems such as anxiety, mania, agitation, even violence, and they increase the risk of suicide, especially in children and young people.

So the 'side effects' of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are much more serious than the term implies. Even the term 'adverse drug effects' is not sufficient to describe the damage they can do to our health. No pharmaceutical drug or vaccine in safe. Most are known to be harmful to both human and animal health. For this reason we need a new, more accurate way of describing the real outcome and consequences of taking pharmaceutical drugs, a description that illustrates realistically what they can do to us. We need a description that encapsulates what drugs and vaccines do, a description that are more apt, more accurate:

                  Quality-of-Life Destroying-Effects...
                           Death Inducing Effects too.

This e-book replaces the terms 'side-effect' and 'adverse reaction' with the concept of DIEs, or Disease Inducing Effects, as the 'D' can be used interchangeably for both 'disease' and 'death'!

Many patients, who take a pharmaceutical drug for one illness, often discover that they contract a new, often a much more serious disease, soon afterwards. Too often we do not associate the new disease with the taking of medical drugs and vaccines. Too often, doctors deny that there is any such connection. Instead it is assumed that the new disease is an unfortunate event, a misfortune without cause, an chance encounter with some bacteria or virus!

Then, of course, the new disease needs to be treated. So conventional doctors then give us yet more drugs, which have more DIEs, and so places us in greater danger of contracting yet more new and serious diseases.

And so it continues - one illness, leading to to drug, which leads to a new disease, leading to another drug and another disease, in the end  leading to a very sick individual.

Is the illness you suffer from the result of pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines?