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Friday, 22 December 2017

Antibiotic Drugs. Resistance is part of their failure. But they are also dangerous

Antibiotic drugs have been the most magic of all 'magic pills', the most wonderful of all 'wonder drugs'. They have been in the vanguard of the conventional medical success, however shallow this 'success' may have been. They have been used, and over-used by doctors for decades. We have been taught to believe that they effective and entirely safe.

Yet now it is well documented that they are failing. They are not going to with us for much longer. Resistance is growing. The microbes have learnt how to defend themselves from attack. We will not have the benefits of them for much longer. Doctors have been told not to use them so much, reducing sales, and threatening pharmaceutical profits. So drug companies have no incentive to go on producing newer, more powerful antibiotics.

The failure of antibiotic drugs has been called 'the antibiotic apocalypse'. For conventional medicine it will indeed be apocalyptic. Our doctors have relied on them increasingly for the last 70 years and more. Yet antibiotic failure has been dominated by the discussion on drug resistance, even though it is only one part of their failure. The other, major part is the harm they cause to our health.

I will not cover all the illness and disease caused by antibiotic drugs. I have dealt with them more fully in this blog. In the main they concern children, and the health of our gut, and include obesity, diarrhoea, blood sugar levels and diabetes, asthma, eczema, heart disease, and a variety of 'new' disease like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel.

Now, new research reported on the Natural Health website shows that the 'side effects' of antibiotics can be passed to the next generation. Canada's McMaster University has shown that taking antibiotic drugs during labour can negatively affect the gut health of newborn children. It found that giving mothers antibiotics whilst pregnant can delay the growth of healthy gut bacteria, the microbiota, for up to the first 12 weeks of life. As the researchers emphasise, early development of healthy microbiota is essential for lifetime health.

              “Early life microbial colonization and succession is critically important to healthy development, with impacts on metabolic and immunologic processes throughout life.”

This is not a time for anyone to panic, or to wonder what will happen when antibiotic drugs fail completely. It is a time to stop taking antibiotic drugs, and to move on to safer, more effective medical therapies.

People who use homeopathy to maintain and regain their health are subjected to neither the 'apocalypse' of resistance, nor their dangers to health of antibiotics. The failure of antibiotic drugs is a problem for conventional medicine only. Indeed, I have suggested that when antibiotics fail completely it may be a blessing in disguise. There are safer, more effective alternatives.

But don't expect the conventional medical establishment to tell you this soon. They will continue to ply their trade in dangerous pharmaceutical drugs for as long as they can, and for as long as they remain profitable. They have always done so.