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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

AUTISM: Recovering Health With Homeopathic Detox - CEASE Therapy

Ananda More, Homeopath, is featured in a 5 minute YouTube video entitled "AUTISM: Recover Health With Homeopathic Detox CEASE Therapy", produced by Larry Cook. In it she explains how homeopathic CEASE Therapy can detoxify and recover autistic children, and/or help improve their quality of life. It is an excellent video, well worth watching. And it is a must-watch video for any parent with an autistic child, lying anywhere on the autistic spectrum.

Yet can homeopathy really help people who suffer from autism? 

This is the important question that has been raised in the many of the responses to the video. Conventional medicine cannot be any clearer about the answer, with NHS Choices stating categorically that:

               "There's no 'cure' for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but there are a range of specialist interventions that aim to improve communication skills and help with educational and social development."

Ananda's video clearly makes the point that there is a way forward to recovery through homeopathy. CEASE Therapy is a detoxification programme, originally developed for those with autism but now being used to help anyone who requires a safe and effective detox. CEASE does not just assist autistic people to cope with the condition (which is all conventional medicine offers) but can lead to full recovery. The first response to the video came from Sawsan Ali, who said that she had a 5 year old child, and wondered whether it was too late for a 100% recovery. Larry Cook responded to say that it could, but not to delay.

Victoria Firefly responded. In considering her response it should be understood that conventional medicine has a serious problem with so many of it's treatments for so many serious illnesses and disease. They are not only largely ineffective, but potentially harmful too. This is one of the main conclusions I have reached in writing my e-book "Why Homeopathy?", and in particular, the chapter comparing the conventional and homeopathic treatment of autism.

So conventional medicine has employed a number of 'denialists' whose task it is to 'deny' that homeopathy is an effective medical therapy, and to assert that conventional medicine is the best, if not the only medical treatment around. This is how Victoria Firefly answer Sawson's question.

               "Homeopathy cannot cure Autism. There is, unfortunately, no cure for Autism. There are however, many treatment options for those who fall on the Autism spectrum. The very best treatment that you can provide for your child from as early on as possible, is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and making sure that your child is involved in as much social activity with other non-Autistic children as appropriately possible. Nutrition is also a major key in the treatment of Autism, as there are multiple known agitators in a lot of the foods that children typically love, such as artificial flavoring and dyes, sugar alcohols, bleached flours, etc. and many children with Autism/Aspergers also have Gluten sensitivity or intolerance and/or Lactose Intolerance."

               "My point is that not only is Homeopathy not going to be successful in curing Autism in anybody, but it may also do actual physical and/or mental harm, as well as stop you from doing any of the many treatments that have been proven to actually work at improving the health and sociability of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder."

The denialism contained in Victoria Firefly's statement is typical. It is just a blank, unsupported statement that homeopathy does not work, cannot work, and that it can cause harm by preventing patients from using "treatments that have been proven to actually work". Let's examine these assertions.

  • Victoria Firefly outlines some of the treatments mentioned by NHS Choices, but she does not say how having homeopathic treatment alongside them prevents involvement in, and use of any of these activities.
  • Her bald statement that "homeopathy cannot cure autism" is made without offering any evidence to support it. She has clearly not spoken to anyone who have been successfully treated with CEASE therapy, or the more traditional homeopathic treatment for autism. So what right does she have to deny the experience of those people who have been successfully treated? Where is the evidence for her assertion?
  • Moreover, there has been at least two 'scientific' studies made into the use of homeopathy with autistic children, both pointing a successful treatment, which she either does not know about, or denies and refuses to mention (summarised here).
Victoria Firefly (presumably not a real name, it is strange how most denialists do not write under their real name) then responded to my positive response to Sawson Ali's treatment.

               "Steve, this is a lie and you know it. Homeopathy has never cured anyone of disease. Homeopathy is *Not* the same thing as alternative medicine. Homeopathic "Medicines" are simply diluted substances that contain little or no traces of their original source. Homeopathy has done exponentially more harm than good to those it claims to "treat". 

So again, Victoria Firefly is using sweeping unsupported statements for which she offers no evidence. Homeopathy has been in existence for over 220 years, and during all that time it has been successfully treating every illness and disease known to mankind! In order to make such claims she has to deny not only my experience, but the experience of homeopathy patients throughout the ages, and throughout the world. To then go on to claim that homeopathy is not alternative medicine is breath-taking in its arrogance, and makes a nonsense of everything else she says.

Homeopathy is the most used medical system in the world today, the strongest and most popular alternative to conventional, drug based medicine.

Moreover, Victoria Firefly's statement that homeopathy "has done more harm than good" is not only unsupported by evidence, it is based on an assumption - that conventional medicine is so effective people might put themselves in danger by opting out of it. Yet conventional medicine admits openly that it has no treatment for autism! So what exactly would patients be missing out on? Homeopathic treatment does not exclude the use of diet, cognitive therapy, or any of the other treatments she mentions. Indeed, it would encourage them all, as long as they did not involve the use of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Then Victoria Firefly loses the plot completely. First she brings up an action recently taken by the conventional medical establishment against homeopathy.

               "Just recently the US launched major reform on the classification of Homeopathic Medicines after several infant deaths were linked to a homeopathic Teething treatment that contained diluted amounts of Belladonna, which is a known toxic substance."

There have been no deaths caused by homeopathic medicines! Homeopathic remedies cannot cause death, as Victoria Firefly has already admitted when she said that "homeopathic medicines are simply diluted substances that contain little or no traces of their original source." Perhaps she just forgot she said this, or was just falling into the usual denialist double blind, namely

  • homeopathy is ineffective because remedies are so diluted they have no active ingredient.
  • homeopathy is dangerous because it contains a dangerous active ingredient.

Yet according to Victoria Firefly, this represents "proof that Homeopaths know that their treatments are ineffective, otherwise why else would they put a known toxin into their medication if they didn't believe that in the end it would be so diluted that it couldn't possibly end up having an effect on anyone?" 

All this statement does is to confirm Victoria Firefly's own prejudice - that any medication, in order to be effective, has to have an 'active' ingredient. Homeopathy denies this entirely, and seldom uses 'active' ingredients in its remedies. To answer her question (why do homeopath's put a known toxin into their medication?) homeopathy uses a variety of substances prior to their dilution and succussion, including most known toxins and poisons. Belladonna is just one of these, snake venoms, arsenic, mercury and alumina are always used, but ALWAYS in an attenuated form.

However, Victoria Firefly needs to be reminded that the pharmaceutical industry uses toxins and poisons, like mercury and aluminium, in many their drugs and vaccines and they do so in a non-attenuated form.

Indeed, conventional medicine routinely injects mercury and aluminium (and other toxic substances) into the bloodstreams of babies, in the form of vaccines.


Indeed, this is why homeopathic CEASE therapy is based on detoxification - its seeks to remove dangerous toxins from the body of autistic children, many of them put there intentionally by conventional doctors, thereby removing the cause of autism.

The conventional medical establishment cannot even admit that this is, or even might be, a cause of autism. This is how the NHS Choices website describes the cause of autism.

               "The exact cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is currently unknown. It's a complex condition and may occur as a result of genetic predisposition (a natural tendency), environmental or unknown factors."

It would be difficult for any medical system which has created a new disease (autism was unknown prior to the 1940's) to admit that it has actually caused it. Modern vaccines, with all their toxic ingredients, were first introduced in the 1930's and 1940's, and the autism epidemic has risen alongside the increased use of vaccination ever since.

Yet the inability of doctors to accept that they have caused the autism epidemic is only one part of the problem for conventional medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry. In denying one of the principle causes of autism, conventional medicine cannot make use of this insight to develop treatments. This is one of the main reasons that conventional medicine has no treatment for autism.

The other reason is that as soon as conventional medicine does admit that their drugs and vaccines cause autism, the best treatment of the condition is to prevent it in the first place - by stopping the prescription of drugs and vaccines to their patients.

Clearly this would be bad for business - and autism has certainly become big business!