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Monday, 2 October 2017

SIDs, Cot Death. Can we trust what conventional medicine tells us?

I have written about SIDs on several occasions, pointing out that conventional medicine claims it does not know what causes SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - or cot death), and that one reason for this is that the only known cause for cot deaths are vaccines. Perhaps it is a kind of intentional amnesia.

The disease inducing effects of pharmaceutical drugs. SIDs

Sudden Infant Death. Is it caused by conventional medical drugs?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), Co-Sleeping, and the DPT vaccine

The USA Vaccine Court has recently come to an important decision, that there was sufficient evidence to rule that vaccination caused a child to die from SIDs. The ruling can be found here. It is an important ruling because it shows that independent assessment of the evidence can show two things, first, that vaccines are not safe, and second, that the cause of SIDs, or cot deaths, are not unknown.

This is in direct contractions to what conventional medicine tells us - that vaccines are safe, and that the cause of cot deaths are unknown.  The court looked at the package inserts of the vaccine involved, the DPT vaccine, and found that they included a long list of severe adverse reaction. It would appear that when doctors tell us that vaccines are safe they do so only by disregarding the information in front of them.

There are now millions of parents who, over the years, have testified to the fact that their children, healthy prior to a vaccination, became unhealthy and severely damaged shortly afterwards. Conventional medicine has routinely denied such claims. Anecdotal, they say. Unscientific, they pontificate. There is no evidence linking SIDs to vaccines, they say, hoping that no-one will read the evidence in the package insert.

The vaccine court has not usually been so open or honest in the years it has functioned, paying USA taxpayers money out in compensation for the damage caused by the pharmaceutical industry. This decision suggests that something is happening. Perhaps the criticism of the court, hitherto a good friend of the drug companies, has been heard. Perhaps it is getting increasingly difficult to get away with stating that vaccines are safe when they are clearly not.

In this case, the subject of the petition, JB., was born 4 weeks prematurely, and when he was 5 months old he attended his 'well baby' meeting. JB's dad said he was smiling during the meeting, and he was described as "healthy, co-operative, well-nourished and well developed". He had me numerous 4-month developmental milestones, despite his premature birth. He was then vaccinated. Later that day, according to his dad, HB was no longer laughing or cooing like he normally did. He was not moving as much, and he seemed quiet and withdrawn. That night he developed a fever, and did not sleep well. Less than 24 hours later, JB was dead.

How many times have we heard similar accounts? How often have these been ignored by conventional medicine?

How can we imaging what the parents go through, the fathers and mothers of normal healthy babies, who visit their doctors, who they trust, and accept vaccination because they are told they are safe?

Why did these parents win the case when so many others lost? Apparently the case was well documented, the medical examination showed that the child was healthy. It was evidence difficult for doctors to deny, otherwise, presumably, they would have denied it.

So what is conventional medicine doing in order to find out the cause of SIDs? Have a look at this research, and try to fathom what they are looking at! All too technical for most people!

               "..... research is directed at defining the causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)..... testing the idea that SIDS ..... is due to a developmental brainstem defect in autonomic and/or respiratory control during sleep. Focusing specifically on the arcuate nucleus in the ventral medulla area of the brainstem ..... (the) team is identifying abnormalities that put an infant at risk for sudden death during sleep. While continuing to study the anatomy and neurochemistry of the ventral medulla in SIDS victims ..... (the) team is also looking at the function and pathology of the ventral medulla in animal models. The ultimate goals of this research are to define ventral medullary abnormalities in living infants and to suggest ways of preventing the abnormalities from leading to sudden infant death."

Well that's clear then. Except it's not! Like most scientific medical research it is difficult for most people to understand this. It is looking for cause from within the body, it is assuming that there is something wrong internally. Perhaps, it other words, it is deliberately obfuscatory. It is failing to look in the right place. Intentionally? Would a genuine study into the possibility that vaccine damage caused SIDs get funding from the main funder of medical science - the pharmaceutical industry?

There is a further question. Why do parents have to take such situations to court in order to find out why their child had died? Why does a court have to hear the case to conclude that the proximity of the sequence - a healthy child - a vaccination - a dead child - might suggest that the vaccine was the cause of death. Is it really possible that doctors, paedriatricians, and pathologists were unable to see the possible link? Are all these professional medics in denial? Do they have to be in denial to maintain their position within the conventional medical establishment?

Instead it falls to organisations like Green Med Info to listen to parents, to make the (all-to-obvious) link, and to try to inform the public of the dangers of vaccination. Green Med Info have produced a database. It says, amongst many other things, that there has been over 600 cases of SIDs following vaccination in the years 1990 to 1997 - that is, between 20 and 30 years ago, and just in the USA. And still, the conventional medical establishment tells us that they do not know the cause of cot deaths.

In Britain, the NHS estimates that about 300 babies "die suddenly and unexpectedly every year". But, we are told, we should not to be alarmed as "SIDS is rare and the risk of your baby dying from it is low". Well, okay. But the NHS does not tell us how many deaths there should be before we are alarmed! And what do they tell us about the cause of SID's, and 300 death per year?

               "The exact cause of SIDS is unknown, but it's thought to be down to a combination of factors."

So what are these factors? Experts, we are told, believe that SIDS occurs at a particular stage in a baby’s development, and that it affects babies who are vulnerable to certain environmental stresses. It mentions premature birth, low birthweight, and "other reasons not yet identified". It mentions tobacco smoke, getting tangled in bedding, a minor illness, or a breathing obstruction. It mentions an association with co-sleeping (sleeping with parents).

               "Babies who die of SIDS are thought to have problems in the way they respond to these stresses and how they regulate their heart rate, breathing and temperature."

But not a mention of any link with vaccination! The conventional medical establishment maintains its silence. It is in denial. It points to an important conclusion. Doctors cannot be trusted to tell us the truth about SIDs, and cot death.