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Friday, 29 September 2017

Is Conventional Medicine a Criminal Enterprise?

Is conventional medicine, dominated as it is by the pharmaceutical industry, a criminal enterprise? The common feature of every criminal enterprise is that it profits from illicit and illegal activities that harm other people - and is this not exactly what the pharmaceutical industry does?

There have been a number of recent examples of this 'criminal activity' in recent weeks (the trigger for this log), and regularly over the years, all demonstrating that drug companies not only do great harm to people, they do so knowingly, they do not play by the rules and regulations set up for them, and that they do everything possible to prevent discovery and prosecution.

Regular readers of this blog will understand well that the pharmaceutical industry, with its drugs and vaccines, harms patients, cause disease and death. The industry underplays the harm it does by calling the harm 'side effects', or 'adverse drug reactions'. In fact, pharmaceutical are actually the cause of  disease and death. Some research demonstrating this was reported in the Mail Online. It involved 380,000 elderly patients, and showed that antidepressant drugs do more harm than good, and actually increase the risk of death by 33%!

"Warning for those on antidepressants: The commonly prescribed drugs raise the risk of an early death by 33%".

Most conventional drug and vaccine treatments have been subject to similar research findings over the years, but little or nothing ever happens. It is important to understand why.

Successful criminal enterprises become very wealthy, and they seek to use their money to subvert the systems that have been established to control them. The pharmaceutical drug companies to this. They use their wealth to purchase the medical 'science' that conducts drug trials, and the drug regulatory systems set up to oversee them. This science is supposed to ensure that no drug or vaccine is marketed that is dangerous or harmful to patients. But drug companies have used their wealth to effectively takeover medical science, and the drug regulatory systems around the world. Hence, we have this recent news from France.

France to prosecute its drug regulator and Servier in scandal over diabetes drug
France’s drug regulator, and one of its leading drug companies, Servier, will stand trial as legal persons over the marketing of the anti-diabetes and weight loss drug, benfluorex (marketed in France as Mediator). This drug killed between 500 and 2300 people before being pulled from the market in 2009.

Most important and influential health organisations, whose word is supposed to be impartial, but putting the interests of patients at the centre of health care, have been infiltrated and bribed into corruption by the drug companies. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is one such organisation, and another piece of recent news highlights what is happening.

On 18th September 2017, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his team outlined various criminal acts committed by employees and consultants of CDC, "whose questionable ethics and scientific fraud have resulted in untrustworthy vaccine safety science". His report highlights massive corruption and 'criminal misconduct' within the organisation, designed to hide the truth about drug and vaccine treatments, and in effect, to help pharmaceutical companies to continue to profit by harming patients.

The Mafia have always used similar tactics. They hide their criminal activities by using their wealth and power to undermine and subvert potential opposition, and any attempt to control their activities.

Certainly the pharmaceutical companies are prepared to spend unimaginable amounts of money to control potential opposition. They control politicians and governments. They infiltrate and dominate national health service provision throughout the world. They fund (and therefore control) medical science, and drug regulatory agencies to ensure that they always come up with the 'correct' outcomes! They invest heavily in mainstream media organisations - to an extent that they can no longer report on conventional medical harm and corruption, and still survive economically.

I have little in common with the rabid 'right' in the USA. But they have, at least, identified the problem, the enormous infiltration by the pharmaceutical industry at a medical, media and political level. Recently, the Bolen Report have been focusing on the extent of medical interference in the medical process in America. In his report on "Big Pharma’s Influence in Congress" Bolen describes and identifies the enormous amount of money being employed by the pharmaceutical industry to support its agenda. Although I have little time for his particular political stance, his analysis does show that elected politicians, who are supposed to represent the interests of their electorate, have been subverted to an extent that they speak only for the interests of the conventional medical establishment. Criminal enterprises always seek to protect themselves at a political and governmental level, and the pharmaceutical companies have been enormously successful in doing so.

I have written on some of the major examples of fraud and corruption perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Looking at these historical examples, and more recent ones, there can be only one conclusion. Conventional medicine will go to any lengths to promote their business, not only creating disease and killing patients, but also their attempts to hide the truth from the public.

If a creature looks like a duck, walks like a duck, behaves like a duck, it is most likely to be a duck!

The pharmaceutical industry looks like a criminal enterprise because it harms patients with its drugs and vaccines, and profits enormously by doing so. It uses its enormous wealth to infiltrate, dominate and control potential resistance and opposition. It subverts public institutions, established to control their activities. And it does all this in order to carry on its business unhindered. Frequently, these activities are found to be illegal and corrupt. They are found guilty, and pay the fines in many cases that remain unreported and unknown. At the same time, it uses its influence in the organisations and institutions it controls, to parade itself as public spirited, whilst keeping the harm it causes away from public attention.

So for all these reasons, there is no doubt, in my mind, that the pharmaceutical industry represents a criminal enterprise. It is time we all stood up to say "enough"!

Chronic illness and disease is running at epidemic levels, in great part caused by harm cause by the so-called 'side effects' of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. It is time to bring our politicians, our governments, medical science, drug regulation, the mainstream (especially public service) media to task.

We all need to be protected from the pharmaceutical industry.