Friday, 3 June 2016

Ugly scar tissue and homeopathic Thiosinaminum

Scar tissue can be ugly, and whatever the cause, most homeopaths are aware of the remedy Thiosinamum, usually referred to as Thios, and its value in reducing this scaring significantly.

Nearly 10 years ago my granddaughter was born by caesarian section, and I gave her mother the remedy, alongside Arnical and a Hypericum/Calendula lotion to use topically. I knew at the time that it had worked successfully. But today, she asked about the remedy as her friend of hers had recently had a baby, also by C section. She told me that not only had it worked on her caesarian scar, it had also worked with a previous scar she had following an operation many years earlier. The remedy, she said, had got rid of this, almost completely!

Such is the power of homeopathy! With so many conditions, where conventional medicine has no solution, homeopathy often does. And it works so powerfully, often on conditions the homeopath know nothing about!

When I first began to practice, I treated a woman for menstruation problems. Not only was this treatment successful, she told me that the problem she had with 'split ends' (when the end of the hair splits into several strands) had also been successfully treated too! I had no explanation to give her, beyond the fact that her periods, and her split ends, had one thing in common - her! And that homeopathy treats the whole person.

There are other remedies for scar tissue.

Silicea. A homeopathic remedy often used to help reduce the appearance of keloid scars and even help prevent their formation.

Graphites. Is another skin remedy that can help reduce scarring, even in old scar tissue.

Calc Fluor. This remedy can help to keep the skin elastic as it has an affinity to connective tissue.

Prunella Vulgaris. This remedy is known to help skin recover more quickly.

Yet I have always found Thiosinaminum the most useful in dissolving scar tissue. Remedies can be purchased via the internet with any good homeopathy pharmacy. After surgery it is recommended that a remedy is taken daily, as soon after surgery as possible.