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Monday, 6 June 2016

344 Pharmaceutical drugs combinations banned in India

The news has not filtered through to the western world (or should I say the news has been censored by the western media?) but India has recently banned 344 pharmaceutical drug combinations. It was reported in the Indian Express on 21st March 2016.

So India is not only looking to develop traditional methods of health care to deal with illness and disease, it already understands that pharmaceutical drugs are harmful to health, and action needs to be taken to protect our health.

The same does not apply to us in the western world. A quick look at the banned drugs and combinations would indicate that they are the same is being prescribed by conventional doctors in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, et al.

The significant difference is not that the drug are harming people in Indian, but not us. The difference is the control that conventional medicine, and in particular, the pharmaceutical industry, has over our governments, our politicians, the regulatory systems set up to protect patients, our national health services and our doctors, and our mainstream media. We are not supposed to know!

The drugs involved in these Indian bans are not unusual, they are ones millions of patients are taking, and which thousands of doctors will be prescribing this very day, and no doubt tomorrow too. And they will be prescribed to millions of patients who will not have been told about their dangers, and so will be quite unable to make an 'informed choice'.
  • NSAID painkillers
  • anti-allergy drugs
  • anti-diabetic drugs
  • anti-drugs for weight loss and obesity
  • gastro-intestinal drugs
  • and antibiotic drugs
When will we be told? Don't hold your breath!