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Monday 20 June 2016

Medical censorship. 'Man Made Epidemic', a film about Autism, pulled from film festival

This morning I received notification that there was to be a 'world premier' of a new film 'Man Made Epidemic' taking place in London. I quickly found the trailer to the film, and watched it (please click on this link and watch the trailer, it only take 3 minutes).

The film is about Autism. It says that in the 1970's the condition affected just 1 in 5,000 children. Now it affects 1 in 50 children. The trailer did not say, as it could have done, that the disease was unknown prior to the 1940's! It goes on to look at pesticides, and then vaccines, as a potential cause of this epidemic.

Encouraged that at last such an film should be shown publicly, I looked to see where it was being shown. I discovered it was to be shown at London's East End Film Festival on 25th June. What was I doing on Saturday? But then I saw another link, 'Man Made Epidemic' pulled from London Film Festival. I went to the link, as you should, and sure enough, the film had been withdrawn. The festival director had decided to withdraw the film "after a hefty discussion on their Twitter account had arisen". We need to wonder about the nature of that 'hefty discussion', who it was with, and what pressure the director came under to censor the film!

This is, of course, the second film about vaccine safety that has been pulled from a film festival within the last few months. Earlier this year Robert de Niro bowed to presumably similar "outside pressures" and pulled the documentary 'Vaxxed' from the Tribeca Film Festival. Since then, I understand that 'Vaxxed' has gone viral in the USA. It is only to be hoped that 'Man Made Epidemic' will do likewise in Britain.

The reputation of the conventional medical establishment depends on the efficacy of vaccination as a treatment. More to the point, the profits of the pharmaceutical industry depends on us continuing to accept them, and believe that they are safe and effective. So films like this are abhorred. Conventional medicine does not want us even to consider the possibility that the 'medicines' they have been given to us for over 60 years might be unsafe, and might have led to the epidemic of autism we are experiencing.

So the pharmaceutical industry uses its wealth, its influence, and its muscle to make sure we cannot see the film.

Censorship is only necessary when an Establishment position is indefensible. If it was defensible the conventional medical establishment would surely defend it, and not seek to prevent us from seeing a film, and considering the issues raised. What this censorship tells us, better than any other evidence, is that vaccines have become indefensible. That is why this film, and Vaxxed, have been withdrawn. That is why the USA Congress have refused to debate revelations made by a top medical scientist that information was destroyed in 2004 that would have linked Autism with the MMR vaccine.

Pharmaceutical profits are threatened. And if we were allowed to know the truth about vaccines doctors would have to explain why they have been happy to give them to us for so long. And the mainstream media, including our 'public service' broadcaster, the BBC, would have to explain why they have failed to investigate, and/or refused to tell us about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines throughout all this time.

This censorship of two important films show that health freedom is under threat from the powerful vested interests of the drug companies. It shows that conventional medicine is not interested in ensuring that patients have sufficient information about prescribed drugs and vaccines in ensure they can make an 'informed choice'.

It cannot be long now before the conventional medical edifice begins to tumble around the feet of the medical establishment. The vaccines and autism link is just one that will bring it down. The damage, disease and death caused by painkillers, antibiotics, antidepressants, Statins, and many other pharmaceutical drugs, is a story that still has to be told and understood by the general population.

When we are told, by those brave enough to do so, we will need to find better, safer, more effective medical therapies to both maintain, and restore our health. And we will have to ask serious questions about why we have been duped by the conventional medical profession for so long.