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Thursday, 17 March 2016

DPT vaccine. Should you allow your baby to have it?

It would appear that it has been acknowledged that the DPT vaccine does cause Autism! At least the package insert of Tripedia, one DPT brand admits that Autism as been reported as an adverse reaction, alongside sudden infant death (SIDs), apnea, seizures up to and including epileptic 'gran mal' attacks, neuropathy and many mores
  • DPT is the vaccine ALL our children are routinely given by our conventional doctors.
  • DPT is the vaccine that our doctors have been telling us for years is safe for our children.
  • DPT is one of the vaccines they want to make mandatory in many USA states, and elsewhere.
  • DPT is one of the vaccines our mainstream media has refused to discuss for 12 year plus.
The fact that autism, sudden infant death, neuropathy, seizures, epilepsy might be bad enough, and a matter of considerable concern for parents who love their young babies.

Yet what is even more alarming is that young parents have not been told, and are not being told even now, about the link between the vaccine, and these dangerous and potentially lethal 'adverse reactions'.

I have seen a copy of the Tripedia package insert on this website - have a look for yourself.
  • If there is a possible link should not the entire conventional medical establishment be concerned?
  • Should there be more good quality research done into any possible link?
  • If there is a possible link should parents be told by their doctors?
  • If there is a possible link should the government not be warning us?
  • If there is a possible link should the drug company not be warning us?
  • If there is a possible link should the mainstream media not investigating, and telling us?
None of this is happening. Instead, as usual, there is silence. Well, it is on the package insert perhaps. But who ever sees the package insert? Doctors and nurses, perhaps, but not the child's parents.

Instead, we have to witness the ever increasing epidemic of autism sweeping the world.

Does the conventional medical establishment know what is causing this autism epidemic? Apparently not. This is the succinct summary given by the NHS Choices website.

          "The exact cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is currently unknown. It's a complex condition and may occur as a result of genetic predisposition (a natural tendency), environmental or unknown factors." 

And what treatment does the conventional medical establishment have for autism? NHS Choices is equally succinct about this too.

          "There's no 'cure' for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, a range of specialist educational and behavioural programmes can help children with ASD."

So what should parents of young babies consider when they are asked by their doctor to be allowed to give them the DPT vaccination? Three things....
  1. Conventional medicine is a suspected cause of autism, and our doctors know this.
  2. Conventional medicine says it does not know what causes autism, and fails to mention that one of their vaccines, has been linked with the condition.
  3. Conventional medicine has no treatment for autism if you normal baby should contract the condition.
Instead, conventional medicine tells parents how they can 'live with autism'. In other words, the vaccine can cause autism, the link is denied, the epidemic continues, and parents just have to get on with it!

Does that sound like a good deal? Does that sound like an honest deal? Does that sound like a deal likely to lead to parents making an informed choice?