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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dust Mite Allergy. A new conventional treatment - and it's homeopathy?

The Times announced a new treatment for dust mite allergy in an article published on 11th November 2015. As the article said, this is great news as an estimated 12 million Britons are thought to struggle with ailments brought on by dust mites, with symptoms including wheezing, disturbed sleep and inflammation.

And, as the Times points out, whilst previous treatments (vaccines and antihistamine drugs) have not been very successful, the new treatment, according to clinical trials, could be "a lasting cure". Good news indeed. Apparently the new treatment begins to ease the symptoms within 3 to 4 months.

Yet the good news does not end there. The Times says that another study, published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, appears to show that it is safe for most teenagers, even for two patients with 'life-threatening allergic reactions'.

And it gets better. Other tests have apparently indicated that it could be a potent treatment for asthma, which affects 5.4 million people in Britain, and is often closely linked to dust. Indeed, the Times says, the tablet seems to be a particularly effective treatment for those whose asthma cannot be controlled with inhalers.

So what is this new treatment? It is a pill made from freeze dried dust mites, that is taken by mouth, and dissolves under the tongue. The pill has been developed by the pharmaceutical companies, Merck and ALK. It received approval from the European Medicines Agency in August 2015, and it is planned for it to go on sale in 11 countries in 2016.

So, dust mite allergy is being treated with dust mites. Why should that work so well, so safely, and apparently so cheaply too.

Well, of course, this is Homeopathy. It is based on the homeopathic principle of 
"curing like with like".

So Merck and ALK should be congratulated with coming up with such a cure for dust mite allergy. Although they, and other pharmaceutical companies, attack homeopathy regularly and relentlessly, they have at last been able to prove that homeopathy does work. They are catching up. A principle developed by Hahnemann over 220 years ago is now being utilised by the conventional medical establishment. Even the means of taking the new pill, by mouth, and dissolving under the tongue, is common homeopathic advice given to patients when taking remedies!

This is my third blog about how conventional medicine is now utilising homeopathic principles. The first, "Superbugs. Homeopathy is proven to work - treating like with like" concerned the treatment of Clostridium difficile. The second concerned a new treatment for peanut allergy, "Peanut Allergy Treatment - another success for Homeopathy".

Perhaps Merck, ALK, and other pharmaceutical companies, might like to give some credit to the homeopathic community for these new treatments.