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Monday 2 November 2015

Drug Companies bribing NHS officials to sell their drugs

Pharmaceutical companies are bribing NHS officials in Britain to use their drugs within the NHS. So reported the Daily Telegraph on 27th July 2015.

          "The undercover investigation found that dozens of NHS officials in control of medicines budgets were being paid thousands of pounds by drug companies. It raises questions about whether the health service’s rules on hospitality and financial interests are being followed – and if they need to be tightened.

Is it a matter of public concern that our doctors are prescribing drugs to patients on the basis of bribery?

Well, apparently not! Not to our mainstream media, anyway. The Telegraph must be praised for this piece of investigatory journalism. Yet I write this over 3 months after the newspaper reported this fraudulent activity, and what has happened to the information.

  • It has not been picked up by any other mainstream media vehicles.
  • It has not been the subject of any comment by the NHS, or by the British government.
  • There have been no admissions of guilt, no denials
In other words it has been followed by total silence. There has been no discussion, no consideration of the morality involved. There has been no consideration of the quality of the information obtained by the Telegraph. It has been totally ignored.

The Telegraph evidence alone is clearly a matter of public concern. The fact that nothing has been done following the report is reason for even greater public concern.

The fact that our media is disinterested speaks volumes about its attitude to public health. 
  • If pharmaceutical companies issue a public statement about a new drug, a new vaccine, a new treatment, we are bombarded with the 'good' news. 
  • If there is news about serious adverse reactions to drugs or vaccines, there is a deafening silence.
  • If there is fraud found within the so-called 'science' of conventional medicine, if this fraud has implications on how doctors treat us, and what they treat us with, it appears to be treated by the media as if it has not happened.
Even our 'public service' broadcaster, the BBC, is blind to any news that might place the conventional medical establishment in a bad light. They should have no financial interests in Big Pharma companies. They should have no Big Pharma directors on its board, as with other media corporations. The BBC should be focusing on news that is of interest to its main interest group - the public. There is no good reason for it doing so. 
  • Yet it steadfastly refuses to report on the fraud and corruption regularly found within the conventional medical establishment.
  • It regularly refuses to report on the damage that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are causing to patients.
Next time your doctor want you to take a drug, or vaccine, ask whether the prescription is based on lavish trips to exotic places or to some other bribe! As one doctor is reported as saying in the Telegraph article.

          “I can only describe it as superb. And all the delegates came back with this glow. Great company, great to deal, you know… Germans always like to show off in superb hotels".

A nice business to be in perhaps? But if the result is that we, as patients, are given drugs on that basis, it is not a good deal for us!