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Friday, 13 November 2015

Brilliant solution to NHS problems!

There is a brilliant new plan to save the NHS!
Listen to the news on the radio or television, read your newspaper, and you will know that the NHS is in trouble, serious trouble. For those people not living in the UK, let me put you in the picture by outlining just some of the problems facing the British NHS.
  • GP surgeries cannot cope with the demands of sick people.
  • GP surgeries are finding it difficult to recruit new doctors to replace those leaving or retiring.
  • A&E units in hospital are struggling to cope with the demands of people who need emergency care.
  • Junior doctors are threatening to go on strike next month over pay and conditions of employment.
  • Morale throughout all levels of the NHS is at an all-time low.
  • Winter is approaching, and there is serious concern that the NHS will cease to function, and that if there is a cold winter it will grind to a halt.
  • The NHS is underfunded. Only £120 billion is spent on our health services, and we are told that this is just not enough (spending has tripled from about £40 billion in 1997).
  • Many NHS Trusts throughout the country are overspending. It is estimated that there will be an overspend of about £1 billion this financial year.
The plan is simple, and it will overcome all the travails of the NHS. At the moment, £4 million is spent by the NHS every year on Homeopathy. This should be stopped, and spent instead on the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that people need.

This plan has been put forward by Simon Singh, that well known supporter of conventional medicine, and the health-giving benefits of Coca Cola drinks. And the BBC was good enough, this morning (13th November 2015) to give him a platform to espouse his views.

So, with another £4 million being added to the NHS drugs budget, which is about £20 billion, all should be well.

There are perhaps a couple of minor things the NHS might have to do.
  • Ensure that the pharmaceutical drugs are working, like overcoming the problem of antibiotic resistance, the problems doctors face prescribing painkilling drugs because of their dangerous side effects, and the increasing awareness of just how dangerous Statin drugs are.
  • Overcoming the increasing patient reluctance to taking more 'safe' drugs and vaccines that are proving to be harmful, and 'effective' drug and vaccines that are proving incapable of dealing the the rising epidemic of chronic disease in Britain.
  • Overcoming the policy of 'patient choice' and health freedom that are central to the health policies of the Conservative government, the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Scottish National, Green party, et al.
  • Persuading every patient in the country that we should only be taking those drugs approved by Simon Singh, and his organisation 'Sense about Science'.
Apart from that, I really do think that Simon has cracked the problem!

Now, do I sense another large cheque floating through the ether from a pharmaceutical company? No, of course not. Sense about Science is not moved by such things in any way whatsoever!