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Thursday, 22 May 2014

The End of Conventional Medicine

The end of conventional medicine is getting ever closer. The time is rapidly coming when the conventional drugs and vaccines that we have all become used to, and considered for so long to be ‘life saving’, will no longer be available. They will all have been deemed ineffective, or just too dangerous.

So have you decided yet what you will do when your doctor tells you that all his/her drugs are not fit for purpose, that they are too dangerous to our health, that their medicine cupboard is bare?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have been telling us for some time that these drugs are reaching the end of their useful life, and that no new ones are in the pipeline. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), admitted recently that antibiotics have been so over-used that they are now almost completely useless against 'super strains' of bacterial infection. Superbugs are the result, and conventional medicine has no answer to these.

The same warning have come from Sally Davies, the UK's Chief Medical Officer, who said:

“... the rise in antibiotic-resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding."

When such stalwarts of the Conventional Medical Establishment (who usually stick together, and deny such problems when they are raised) begin to announce these imminent disasters we can all be assured that something is going disastrously wrong with the drug-based medicine, that has dominated health care for the last century and more. 

So what does this mean - for anyone who is not already searching for safer, and more effective medical treatment?

It means, in effect, that operations now considered as ‘routine’ will become impossible to carry out, and minor cuts and grazes will become potentially life-threatening. 

Infections are becoming immune to antibiotics. And antibiotics have, in any case, nurtured a whole array of new ‘superbugs’ which are already resistant to them. 

And it is worth noting that no new antibiotic has been developed for 50 years, and there are non in the pipeline. 

It would appear that drug companies are not interested in developing new antibiotics. Big Pharma have calculated that they make more money by developing new drugs for diseases that are now reaching epidemic proportions - like drugs for diabetes, for cancer, for heart disease, for dementia and for lowering cholesterol.

Drug companies, after all, are in the business for making money. Making us better has never been their priority!

That is why they are always keen to hide from us, from patients particularly, the potentially lethal “side-effects” of their drugs and vaccines. David Healy, Professor in Psychological Medicine at the Cardiff University School of Medicine, has commented on this, and the fact that drug companies often simply refuse to publish the full science that (supposedly) supports their use, both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

And drug regulators, as we too often see, are doing little about this situation. Set up to protect patients from dangerous drugs, they appear to be more intent on protecting the Big Pharma from losing profitable drugs. 

For example, one patient in the US was recently awarded $9 billion compensation after he developed bladder cancer from taking the diabetes drug, Actos. Apparently, the drug company knew about the link between this diabetes drug and bladder cancer, but had withheld the information from patients, and indeed, from doctors too. In the interests of sales and profits, they expect patients to add cancer to diabetes to their list of diseases.

France has banned Actos as it causes bladder cancer. Does this mean that French people are more susceptible to the drug than people in the rest of the world? No! It means that other drug regulators apparently do not care that the drug causes bladder cancer!

And the mainstream media companies, whose job it is to tell us about such things, do likewise. This is because our ‘Free’ Press, and even public service broadcasters, like the BBC, are not telling us about what is happening within the conventional medical system, or what their treatments are doing to our health:
  • even when, as in this case, the evidence comes out through the public courts
  • even when a drug company is found guilty of deceit
  • even when they are fined a massive amount of money. 
And our media certainly does not investigate the issues when they do arise (or cannot be hidden). All they do is to invite conventional medical ‘experts’ to pour balm of the problem, and to tell us that we do not have to worry, that all is well.

So, the Media is failing to tell us that conventional medicine is failing. As a result, the imminence of it’s downfall is likely to be an immense surprise for most people.

In short, we all going to need to come up with alternatives to conventional drugs and vaccines. The reason is not just that the drugs and vaccines we now rely on have been proven to be either ineffective, or too dangerous to use. It is because there are alternatives available, and these alternatives are both safer, and more effective. The result is a public that is not well informed. 
  • They are not asked, by doctors, by the NHS, by drug regulators, by the media, by government, to question the adverse reactions of drugs and vaccines, and whether they wish to put themselves at risk by taking them. 
  • Too many people are outside the privileged few who know about safer, scientifically proven, natural cures and preventative treatments that will protect from disease, and treat it successful.
  • To many people simply taking the drugs and vaccines, and succumb to chronic disease; becoming a statistic in the epidemic rise of diseases like ADHD, Cancer, Autism, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Heart Disease, et al.
And have you noticed that the Big Pharma industry is being ‘re-organised’? Pfizer has been proposing to take over AstraZemica? Other drug companies are busy exchanging parts of their business in order to ‘focus’ on a particular area of health care. 

Does this mean an expansion of a successful business? No, we are watching the travails of a declining, contracting industry, an industry whose drugs and vaccines are failing, and have been failing for decades. And an industry which has no safe or effective drugs or vaccines to take their place. 

When Big Pharma lose their industrial and financial muscle (which at the moment is considerable), they lose their ability to bribe our doctors, to infiltrate drug regulation agencies, to control the mainstream media, and to hold our governments to ransom. 

Then, and only then, Big Pharma will become a part of our past, and we will look back at the latter half of the 20th Century, and the first part of the 21st Century, and wonder why we were so foolish as to go down this rather unsuccessful and dangerous aberration in health care, that significantly harmed humanity. 

Yet today, the demise of conventional medicine is going to come as a shock to many people. Soon we will all have to look for alternative medical therapies. When we do, we will all discover just how dangerous our commitment to conventional drugs and vaccines has been, especially over the last 50-60 years of ‘free’ NHS medicine. 

We will have to learn quickly that we must no longer place our trust and confidence in medicine that fights against the natural immunity of our body, but find therapies that seek to support it.

Ultimately, placing our reliance on our natural immunity, and medical therapies that supports it, is the only path to living our lives in a healthy manner, free from the chronic disease epidemics that now dominate health care, and has been the major outcome of the conventional, drug-vaccine based healthcare of the last 50-60 years.