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Monday 12 May 2014

"Quack!" Just another personal attack from a Homeopathy Denialist

Writing, and providing evidence about the safety and effectiveness of Homeopathy is a task that always attracts the attention of 'Homeopathy Denialists', or 'Militant Skeptics'. I have talked about them before, here:

Twitter is their favourite vehicle, particularly if I have the audacity to say that homeopathy can treat serious illnesses and diseases effectively. These are not statements I make without supporting evidence. Many millions of very sick people have been treated successfully with homeopathy. And there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support their experience. But the militant skeptics, no doubt in the pay of the Big Pharma companies, just don't want to know!

I have talked about their argument before. Basically, they have none, other than abuse, and statements of denials, unsupported by evidence. I have provided examples of this in both the blogs I mentioned above. But to my amusement they continue to come! Here are some of the recent ones!
  • "He actually believes homeopathy works! Stunned silence"
  • "Homeopathy does not work. Transmission ends"
  • "For unsound, illogical and poorly researched medical tips, give @stevescrutton a follow!"
  • "It works for making the credulous poorer and/or dead. It also works for making the scumbag homeopaths rich!
  • Maybe he didn't see that? Hey, @stevescrutton, seriously, pay attention. It's no better than a placebo.
  • Are you a Homeopathy Practitioner?" < no, because I'm not a dangerous lying charlatan like you.
  • dangerous charlatanry
  • utter twaddle. You charlatans are being dealt with finally.
  • Homoeopathy is utter nonsense peddled by charlatans to the gullible.
  • @stevescrutton #homeopathy is still horses hit
  • How vaccination compromises our natural immunity. // It doesn't.
  • You are sentencing kids to death you obscurantist knob end.
  • homeopathic remedies don't interact or have side effects because they have no effects. Shame on you, you leech
  • pathetic beyond words. Still breaking the law claiming your magic water cures measles?
  • Your ignorance is laughable
  • Scarlet Fever and Homeopathy: a remedy used 200 years ago is still used today! And still no fucking use"
The assumption is always that homeopathy does not work, and that conventional medicine and drugs do! Most recent comments come about my ebook, "Why Homeopathy?", which for each illness or disease goes into detail that just the opposite is true, that homeopathy is a more effective, and safer treatment for the illness. Big Pharma skeptics don't question the evidence - they just stick to their guns - and throw abuse. They have nothing else to say.
  • Risks but no real benefits. Potentially leading to illness going untreated with real medicine. To be avoided.
  • Right up to the point where your child goes blue and dies from entirely treatable asthma.
  • associating homeopathy as a 'treatment' for TB (even in addition to standard treatment) is dangerous and evil.
  • Measles. Why risk the MMR vaccine?" < because it *works* you utter charlatan.
  • homeopathic remedies don't interact or have side effects because they have no effects. Shame on you, you leech
  • People like you have children's deaths on their hands.
  • Homeopathy for tetanus? Please tell me you're joking. Your advice will kill people.
  • Why homeopathy's dangerous - if used in place of medicine.
Recently I have received an email, in similar vein. Is there any argument here that provides evidence that homeopathy does not work? See for yourself!

WOW you are dumb.  Like cures like right?  So what cures stupidity?  Hanging out with other stupid people?  Then I guess you are healed already! 

You guys remind me of my old school nurse… what ever was wrong with you she’d give you a panadol and a glass of water…  except, you know, with you guys it’s water and sugar… but same diff… except at least the panadol helped with any pain!  Lol…

My theory is that surely no one is that dumb.  You must just be one of society’s leaches sucking money out of vulnerable people.  Either way you’re either an idiot or a scumbag, hence I’d rather be me than you J Enjoy your life as an Idiot and/or Scumbag. 

Your children must be so proud of their idiot/scumbag Dad! 

Here is a list of things people believed in 200 years ago:
  • apoplexy (a syndrome of fainting spells)
  • spontaneous combustion (especially of "brandy-drinking men and women")
  • death from drinking cold water (your guess is as good as mine)
  • death from near-misses from cannonballs (yes, seriously – they believed that the close contact could shatter bones and even cause blindness)
  • Bloodletting
  • Homeopathy (no really, people back then believed this rubbish!  Luckily we are smarter now than we were then!)

Check out what they used to do for toothache 200 years ago, it’s almost as weird and crazy as believing in homeopathy!
  • "In order to relieve the tooth-ach, we must first endeavour to lessen the flux of humours to the part affected. This may be done by mild purgatives, scarifying the gums, or applying leeches to them, and bathing the feet frequently with warm water. The perspiration ought likewise to be promoted, by drinking freely of weak wine-whey, or other diluting liquors with small doses of nitre." - 1828

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.  I have to go cure my aching feet by putting three leaches on each leg, standing on one leg, hopping and then doing three twirls to the left, three to the right then barking like a dog and speaking in tongues.

Good day to you sir!

So, as you see, not much light here either. 
It's not my task to throw abuse back at these people. Yes, they fail to provide any evidence that homeopathy does not work. They fail to explain why the millions of people cured by Homeopathy over 220 years, and throughout the world, are not to be believed. They cling to their unshakeable belief that homeopathy cannot work, and so does not work. No doubt they earn their Big Pharma pay (?) by attempting to rubbish homeopaths who are treating patients, successfully, throughout the world, every day.

If Homeopathy Denialists wish to do so, indeed if Militant Skeptics have nothing better to do, and nothing better to offer ill patients, than pharmaceutical drugs, okay. That is their prerogative. As patients, we are all entitled to choose the medicine we want.

So excuse me if, in the meantime, we homeopaths get on with treating patients, and making them better.