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Friday 2 May 2014

Alzheimer's Disease and the Flu Vaccine

A very good friend of mine died in February 2014. I had not been in touch with her for just over a year, and I thought it was strange that she had not written, or responded to my emails. I was devastated at her death as the last time I saw her she was fit and well, especially for her 73 years.

I was even more devastated when I learnt that the reason for losing touch with her was that she had contracted a virulent form of Alzheimer's Disease, diagnosed in Easter 2013. One of her outstanding characteristics was her fine, clear, agile mind. We had met many years ago, whilst undertaking a Education Diploma course at the University of Leicester.

I wondered what had caused her to contract this disease, and indeed to die from it so quickly. Regular readers to my blog will know that I do not accept or believe that diseases like this strike randomly, and without cause.
Yet she was not on any of the drugs listed here. However, I recalled a conversation we had a couple of years ago. We were talking about the dangers of conventional drug treatment, and I asked her whether she had the flu vaccine.

"Yes, every year" she told me.

The problems associated with the flu vaccine are well documented. Many studies have called into question the safety of mercury in vaccines, and the Big Pharma drug companies have removed it from many vaccines (replacing it with Aluminium, and similar poisons, which are equally dangerous!)

Yet the flu vaccine still contains 25 micrograms of mercury per dose.

I also wrote about the serious risks associated with the flu vaccine in this blog. Some of the dangers discussed here were
  • the weakening of the immune system
  • respiratory infections (including, amazing, flu)
  • Narcolepsy
  • Febrile convulsions
  • and, of course, death
But unfortunately I omitted to include the links between Alzheimer's Disease and the Flu Vaccine.

The debate about the links between Alzheimer's Disease and the Flu Vaccine have been going on since 1977. This followed research undertaken by Hugh Fudenberg, MD., an immunogeneticist and biologist, between 1970 and 1980, which found that if someone had 5 consecutive flu vaccinations the chances of that person getting Alzheimer's Disease increased by a factor of 10 compared to someone who had no vaccine, or just 1 or 2 vaccines. That is, anyone who has the flu vaccine over a period of 5 years were 10 times more likely to contract the disease.

Hugh Fudenberg, MD, is Founder and Director of Research, Neurolmmuno Therapeutic Research Foundation. Information from Dr. Hugh Fudenberg's notes on a speech at the NVIC International Vaccine Conference, Arlington, VA September, 1997.

The Fudenberg research was followed up with other research where, in laboratory settings, normal brain tissue was exposed to low levels of mercury. Dr Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, has done extensive research in the area of mercury toxicity and the brain. His research has established a likely connection between mercury toxicity and Alzheimer's Disease. Haley stated that:

" of the characteristic markers that we look for to distinguish Alzheimer's Disease can be produced in normal brain tissues, or cultures of neurone, by the addition of extremely low levels of mercury".

The Relationship of Toxic Effects of Mercury to Exacerbation of the Medical Condition Classified as Alzheimer's Disease by Boyd E. Haley, PhD.

What cannot be denied is that one ingredient used as a 'preservative' in the flu vaccine in Thimerosal - which is a form of mercury that has been linked to brain injury, and to certain autoimmune diseases on many occasions.

The link would, therefore, appear to be proven, or at the very least, something requiring further study, whilst stopping the use of Thimerosal (in flu, and other vaccines), as a precaution to protect patients. But of course, the conventional medical establishment never appears to accept such evidence.

The conventional health establishment denies any relationship between Alzheimer's Disease and the Flu vaccine. Well, they would wouldn't they! Whenever a pharmaceutical drug is linked to causing disease, and the potential loss of profit, Big Pharma pays for its own research, and not unsurprisingly, the results show no relationship. (See Boyd Haley's comment on this research is his letter quoted below - science "so poorly done it has no credibility in the scientific community").

 I call this 'cheque-book science'! The research is paid for by the drug companies, and the result is predictable. This research is then used by the friends of Big Pharma, such as the Alzheimer's Society (funded in large measure by them), and the mainstream media (most media companies have directors from Big Pharma companies, and vice versa) to deny that there is any problem.

So let's leave the last word to Dr Boyd Haley. This is an E-mail that he sent to Barbara Snelgrove in reply to her response "that their is no relationship between amalgams and Alzheimer's Disease. Although it refers to mercury in amalgam tooth fillings (which too many of us have) his conclusions apply equally to the mercury injected directly into our blood stream with the flu vaccine.

Dear Barbara, 
We do not know each other and I don't know what your occupation or background is.  However, I was sent an e-mail where you stated that there was no connection between mercury and Alzheimer's
disease. I agree that no connection has been made since studies in this area have for the most part been avoided.  The only one I know of was so poorly done that it has no credibility in the scientific community.  

However, I believe that there is a connection between AD and mercury exposure as I will explain.

First, research from my laboratory, published in highly respected research journals demonstrates the following:

1. Both beta-tubulin and creatine kinase are dramatically inhibited in AD brain.  This is also supported by publications from other laboratories.

2. Adding low micromolar mercury to non-AD brain causes the rapid and specific inhibition of these two proteins mimicking the effects observed in AD brain.  This inhibition by mercury would be expected by any competent biochemist as the literature would support this happening.

3. We exposed rats to mercury vapor for 4 hours a day for 4 weeks at levels of mercury that would be expected in someone with extensive amalgam fillings. This exposure caused a major decrease in tubulin viability, similar as observed in AD brain.

4. Amalgams leak mercury, this is a fact that any chemistry department can confirm.  We have made amalgam fillings outside of the mouth, placed these fillings in sterile water for 15 minutes to several hours. We then tested this water for toxicity to tubulin and creatine kinase. The result was that the solutions in which amalgams were soaked (even for 15 minutes) were extremely toxic.  Results using these solutions were identical to those with addition of mercury solutions to the brain.  This work is also supported by reports doing similar experiments at the University of Michigan Dental School where they described solutions in which amalgams were soaked as being "extremely cytotoxic".
Additional support by others for mercury exacerbating or being a major contributor for AD is as follows:

5. The form of APO-E protein that is a major risk factor for AD is the one that has lost much, if not all, of its ability to bind mercury in the cerebrospinal fluid giving reduced protection against mercury
(especially) and other oxidant heavy metals.  The APO-E protein that affords the best protection against AD is the one that would bind and remove mercury the very best.

6. This year in the Journal of Neurochemistry a report came out that showed that the exposure of neuroblastoma cells in culture to nano molar levels of mercury (much lower than is found in brain) lead to the subsequent "hyperphosphorylation of a protein called Tau" and to greatly increased
secretion of "beta amyloid protein - the protein that makes up amyloid or 'senile' plaques".  Senile plaques are the "diagnostic hallmark of AD" and projected by many as being causal of AD.

7. Dr. Lorscheider, my collaborator in mercury research, has submitted an article where a neuron in culture was exposed to 0.1 nano molar mercury and filmed through a microscope.  The result was that the axon broke open and the tubulin and tubulin associated proteins abnormally aggregated into a body that was "indistinguishable from a neurofibillary tangle" the second "diagnostic hallmark" of AD on pathology.

If mercury causes neurons to produce the "diagnostic hallmark" then shouldn't mercury be considered causal or contributory to this disease? Especially when most Americans of age 50 plus have had amalgams in their mouths for scores of years or greater!  Also, I am the Chair of a Department of Chemistry and it is exceeding easy to measure mercury escape from a dental amalgam and I can tell you that it is excessive if related to any measure of safe exposure levels.  The risk assessment expert for Health Canada on doing an assessment on mercury exposure for Canadians told me that the amount of mercury exposure from industrial produced mercury was much less that that coming from dental amalgams.

We cannot do the experiments that would prove amalgams do or do not contribute to AD.  There are just to many confounding factors associated with human behaviour. I believe in going to the bottom line-do amalgams leak toxic levels of mercury and I have proven that they do.  Ask anyone in the "pro-amalgam field" to give you a research article that shows that amalgams do not leak toxic levels of mercury and they will provide you with opinion papers stating that amalgams are safe.  These papers are different from research papers in that they do not present actual experimental protocols that can be tested.  Invariably, they will say only an "insignificant amount of mercury is released" or something to that effect.  Ask them to put a scientific value on this insignificant amount (like how many micrograms/cm2 of mercury is released per day).

This has been reported and it was 43.5 micrograms/cm2/day and remained constant for 2 years.  No one has claimed this report was wrong and this is a very toxic level of mercury. Also, it was collected in a test tube with no additional heat, pressure or galvanism on the amalgam which would occur in the mouth and greatly increase the level of mercury released.

I strongly believe that having dental amalgams in ones mouth for scores of years increases the risk for AD.  Mercury would at the very least be an exacerbating toxic exposure.  I believe this because I read the literature and do research in this area.  Is there direct proof?--no there isn't.

But there is also no proof that amalgams do not contribute and 'absence of proof is not proof of absence'.  However, the bottom line is that amalgams make both water and saliva toxic by increasing the mercury levels and this would place excess stress on those humans who are unfortunate enough to be genetically susceptible to AD or mercury toxicity.  I hope you know that AD is not a directly inherited disease and that some form of 'toxic or infective insult' is needed to cause the onset of the disease.

Finally, I know that you can find numerous dentists and physicians that will say amalgams are not a risk factor for AD - see if you can find one that will debate me publically after allowing me to present a short scientific talk on the subject.  I feel like I have been in an 8 year argument with a town drunk on this issue.

Sincerely,  Boyd Haley, 
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky

So did the conventional medical establishment take note of the scientific evidence, outlined above, which suggested at the very least the suspension of all vaccines that contained Thimerosol? No they did not, and have not done so!

Will my friend's death be included in the case against the flu vaccine (and all vaccines containing this poison)? This is unlikely as the connection is unlikely to be admitted, or even examined by the conventional medical establishment.

Will my friend's death through Alzheimer's Disease be examined for its possible link with the flu vaccine, so that other's can be warned? This too is unlikely for the same reason!

Did the flu vaccine, and its mercury content, kill my friend? I am convinced that it did!