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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Parents call for ban on family of antibiotics

I bet most of you thought that antibiotics were entirely safe! Well they are not (several antibiotics have been withdrawn or banned in the past because they have been found to be dangerous. This blog is taken from the aptly named magazine, "What Doctors Don't Tell You". This is a valuable source of information on what we, as patients, are never told by the ConMed Establishment, and I certainly recommend that you take out a subscription for this magazine.

          "Patients are pressing for a complete ban on a family of antibiotics that can kill or cause blindness and heart disaese. Yet, despite these alarming - and well-known - reactions doctors continue to prescribe them every day.

          Fluoroquinolones or quinolones - which include antibiotics such as Cipro, Legaquin, Avelox, Tequin, Trovan and Raxar - arre the most toxic and dangerous drugs on the market today, says David Fuller, who runs a website to support others who, like himself, have been harmed by these drugs. He was been left with partial vision and permanent damage to his joints after taking one of the antibiotics for pneumonia in 1986.

          Fuller says that no one is recoding the numbers of deaths and serious adverse reactions caused by the drugs, and he believes the problem is far worse than regulators are admittin. So far, five fluoroquinolones have been taken off the market after they were found to cause fatal heart problems.

Please go to the website for more horrifying details on what Big Pharma, and Conventional Medicine is doing to us - and not telling us!

For more information about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and the Failure of ConMed, click here.