Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Homeopathy and Chickens

A farmer with over 8,000 free range organic chickens had a serious worm problem. It was untreatable with conventional drugs, and as he was an organic farmer, he had to be careful what he used to treat the hens.

So the farmer went to Crossgates, who, amongst other things, provide remedies for farm animals.
http://www.crossgatesfarm.co.uk/. They supplied the farmer with a remedy, based on taking some feathers from infested chickens (homeopathy = treating like with like), which he then applied to his flock.

The worm vanished, and has not returned in the many months that has elapsed since the treatment.

So it is little wonder that an increasing number of farmers are moving away from conventional veterinary treatment with Big Pharma drugs, with all the dangers, and lack of effectiveness - and above all, the exorbitant costs for farmers.

The conventional treatment of farm animals, of course, a story of many repeating disasters. ConMed drugs are not much good, so when there is an epidemic of a disease, like 'Foot and Mouth', as there was several years ago, the result it that 'treatment' consists of killing animals - both those with the disease, and those who are healthy but might have come into contact with a sick animal.

What sort of medicine is this - that can fail so abysmally - then resort to slaughter - and still call it medicine?

It is the medicine of failure! It is the medicine of profit for Big Pharma. It is a medicine that does farmers no favours, other than large vet bills. The organisation Homoeopathy at Wellie Level is presenting evidence to farmers of the wonderful work that homeopathy is doing for many farmers. They have produced a marvellous newspaper 'This is Homeopathy' which features several farmers who bear testimony to what homeopathy has done for their business. The testimonies are really remarkable - and before reading the newspaper I had no idea that such amazing results could be achieved, in so many areas of farming. The newspaper is in 'pdf' form at the moment. I am trying to get hold of it so that I can post it here.

Please be patient!