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Friday, 9 September 2011

Homeopathy - the real Evidence Based Medicine

What is the best form of medicine? 
What sort of medicine would you prefer?

* A therapy, such as homeopathy, based on simple principles or laws, that gives patients' safe remedies, and bases its practice, and develops its practice, on observing the outcomes of those remedies with patients?

* Or a drug-based medical system, that tests its drugs for effectiveness and safety on the basis of 'Randomised Controlled Tests', or RCTs, which are then regularly withdrawn after being given to millions of patients and found to be ineffective, dangerous, or both?

When you consider how often, and how regularly Conventional Medicine (ConMed) gets it wrong about the safety and efficacy of their drugs, and gives patients drugs that either don't work, or cause further disease and even death, it is quite amazing (see, for example, this website that lists many of the banned and withdrawn pharmaceutical drugs).

So there is, of course, only one sensible answer. Patients, first and foremost, want to be safe. They don't want to take drugs that not only fail not make them better, but actually cause further disease. They just want to be better!

One of the latest admissions of error concerns Hypertension, and 'high-blood-pressure'. It has emerged that 25% of people diagnosed with this condition don't actually have it!

But patients with hypertension are still given ConMed drugs - usually Statins. Most people know only what they have been told about Statin drugs - they are very effective - and entirely safe. But of course, they aren't! They are now associated with the following disease-inducing-effects (DIEs) - even though some conventional doctors are still telling us they are 'entirely safe'.

* Diabetes
* Serious skin infections
* Prostate Cancer
* Serious structural muscle damage (that can cause death)
* Certain cognitive problems.

Statin drugs, and Conventional Medicine generally, is a bad deal for patients. It tells us that HPB is bad for you (even this can be seriously questioned). It devises a test for HBP and then discovers it is getting it wrong with at least 25% of patients. Then it provides people who are probably not sick drugs that can make them very sick!

And Conventional Medicine then claims that it is entirely based on 'evidence'!

Well, in fairness, I suppose it is. It is just that the evidence of RCTs are not reliable. In fact, they have proven to be so unreliable they rarely tell us about the dangers of drugs until millions have taken them, and suffered their DIEs.

In stark contrast, homeopaths can give patients remedies knowing they will do no harm - the basic principle of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors subscribe to. And if the remedy matches the symptoms of disease it is treating, they will treat the illness successfully.

How do we know what the patient's symptoms are? Simple! We ask them!

How do we know the symptom-picture of remedies? Simple! We test, or prove the remedies on people (knowing already that the process of potentizing remedies makes them entirely safe), and we observe the outcomes with patients. All this evidence has been put together over the last 200+ years - and is contained within the Homeopathic Materia Medica, and the Homeopathic Repertories.

The skill of the homeopath is to learn the complex and complicated techniques of 
matching the symptoms of both patient and remedy.

So where do RCTs enter this picture. Well, they don't! Homeopathy does not need RCTs to examine, or re-examine, what homeopaths have been doing for centuries. Why should we make use of a technique that has proven to be worthless when applied to ConMed drugs? ConMed, and Big Pharma drug companies have been using them for decades to confirm that drugs are safe and effective when, in fact, they have eventually been proven to be ineffective and dangerous. Statins have yet to be banned, or heavily restricted, like so many others. But it will come, as with all the others.

So drug-based conventional medicine is not 'evidence-based' medicine - because the so-called evidence that supports it has proven itself to be totally unreliable.

The real 'evidence-based' medicine is homeopathy. We  know our remedies. We know what they do. Patients routinely benefit from homeopathy, and do so in complete safety. But the real evidence comes from out patients - people who were ill, and get better after homeopathic treatment.