Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Science and RCT trials are useless. Official!

Homeopathy has been lampooned for centuries for being no more than 'placebo', and that it has no evidence base. Now, conventional medicine has come under the same microscope.

          A new study inScience Translational Medicinehas cast doubt over the scientific validity of nearly all randomized, double-blind placebo controlled studies involving pharmaceuticals used on human beings. It turns out that many pharmaceuticals only work because people expect them to, not because they have any "real" chemical effect on the body. As you'll see here, when test subjects were told that they were not receiving painkiller medications - even though they were - the medication proved to be completely worthless. http://www.naturalnews.com/031451_drug_trials_placebo_effect.html#ixzz1EhIdNYok

Homeopaths have long said - if homeopathy is effective because of placebo, why don't ConMed practitioners utilise it too. Well, apparently they do!

But what is known about pharmaceutical drugs is not only that they are next-to-useless, other than in a temporary, short-term sense, they are positively dangerous. And the dangers of drugs are not 'placebo' they are very real. Nor are they 'side-effects', either. The dangers of pharmaceutical drugs constitute actual disease. In other words, you take a drug for one condition, and you contract another disease.

It is time everyone started to say 'No Thanks' to conventional medicine!