Friday, 11 February 2011

Headaches and Homeopathy. Top 10 remedies Remedies for Headache!

This blog is based on the selection of homeopathy remedies recommended by:
Dr Shreya's Health and Homeopathic Blog: Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Headache!:

(1) Natrum mur. 
 One of the top remedies for headaches
- Throbbing variety
- Headache starts in the morning after getting up and remains till sunset
- School-girl headaches those suffer from anemia
- Pain as if numerous hammers are thrusting on the brain
- Semi-lateral headaches, migraines, with nausea and vomiting
- With heavy aching eyelids
- In migraine, has an aura in numbness and tingling in tongue, lips, nose etc, before the attack sets
- Headache associated with sinusitis, when attack sets in after catching cold
- Ill-effects of grief, worry, fear etc
- Worse, from noise of any kind, music, heat, mental exertion; better on empty stomach, open air, pressure, sleep

(2) Belladona-
- acute headache that starts suddenly
- sensitive head to least contact
- fullness in forehead
- associated with constant moaning
- ill effects of catching cold or having a hair cut
- pulsations felt in head
- aggravated by lying down, noise, jar, afternoon
- better by pressure and semi-erect posture

(3) Gelsemium-
- headaches associated with vertigo
- spreading from occiput or located at occiput
- tension headaches
- dull pain with marked heaviness
- heavy drooping eyelids
- band feeling around head
- temporal headaches that occur after exposure to sun
- soreness in neck with headache
- may be delirious
- blindness may precede headache
- foggy weather aggravates and so does anticipation about anything
- better by profuse urination, open air and lying with head high

(4) Glonoine-
- worsened Belladona headache, throbbing variety more on left side
- head feels large when it aches
- peculiar sun-headaches with dizziness
- headache brought on by menstrual suppression
- congestive headaches with irregular circulations; pulsations felt in head, ears and all over the face
- any type of occupational headache brought on by working near or with heat
- can feel surging of blood to head
- despite heaviness, cannot lay head on pillow
- headache in a child that attended campfire the day before
- associated with sparks before the eyes

(5) Onosmodium-
- migraine headaches
- associated with loss of or deficient memory
- marked state of confusion
- headache starts in the morning on waking up
- areas affected- occiput, temporal region, and mastoid
- associated with heavy dull eyes with pain in eyeballs
- worse using eyes, left side, movement
- better by cold drinks and eating

(6) Chamomilla-
- Sudden onset headaches with excessive irritability
- Throbbing pain in half of the head
- Patient bends head backwards in the hope to relieve
- Associated with hot clammy sweat on forehead and whining restlessness

(7) Ignatia-
- Headache as if a nail driven through the sides
- Crampy pain over the root of nose
- Headache from anger, acute grief, etc
- Emotional causes always lead to headache first
- Marked congestion
- Hysterical headaches
- Hollow-feeling of head that is aggravated by stooping
- Sobbing lady with headache

(8) Sanguinaria-
- peculiar right sides sun headaches
- marked periodicity
- begins in occiput, settles over the eyes (More on right side)
- menopausal headaches
- pain in spots over head
- associated with burning in eyes and red burning cheeks
- feels as if a flash of lightening hitting at the back of head

(9) Iris versicolor-
- Typical acidic headaches
- Headache associated with lots of acidity
- Marked nausea, lack of appetite, and burning along the alimentary canal
- During mental strain, performs well but once it’s over, develops sick headache
- Frontal headaches with nausea
- Migraine with aura settling in eyes with a blur before eyes, followed by dull constricted headache for long time
- continued motion

(10) Nux vomica-
- headache with vertigo, especially after night-watching
- headache from over-exertion, tobacco, alcohol, coffee
- marked sensitivity to touch
- frontal headache > by pressing hard
- headache associated with constipation, nausea
- sun headaches
- head feels sore and distended
- associated with photophobia, neuralgic pain in eyes, and watering of eyes
- worse in the mornings, after eating, cold; better after a good nap, evening, rest